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We are a group dedicated to helping feminine women who are navigating the transition from questioning their sexuality to taking those first steps toward embracing that sexuality. The organizers of this group hope to provide guidance and support during what can be a confusing time; we have all experienced being married to men and then realizing that we’d always been attracted to women. We would like to establish ourselves as a support system for women who find themselves in the same situation and are not quite sure what to do next. The transitional part of this journey can make you feel very alone, and we hope to alleviate that sense of alienation through sympathetic conversation, practical advice, and, eventually, opportunities for socializing and having fun!

The initial realization of feeling attracted to women may have occurred recently or many years ago. That part doesn’t matter. We are here to help you on your journey towards living a life that feels authentic and true. This group is dedicated to women who find themselves in the particular position of standing on the edge, unsure of how to act on what they are feeling. That being said, we would also welcome feminine women who are farther along on this path who have a desire to offer support and understanding to those who are just beginning. Please note that although we may eventually do some social things, we are most definitely NOT a dating group.

Organizer Bios:

Carla - I first realized my attraction to women when I was in high school but I was not comfortable acting on it at that time. I married a man when I was 21 years old and remained married for 35 years before I reached the point where I knew I could no longer continue to live a life that did not feel true. I have three grown children. Needless to say, the transition has not been a simple one, and I could not have made it through without my wonderful friends Heather and Tara who are co-organizers of this group, but the place I find myself in is nothing short of wonderful. I want the same for all of you! (P.S. I'm the one on the left in my profile picture.)

Tara - I have always found women attractive but didn’t recognize it as attraction. I misinterpreted the attraction as a desire to be more like “her”, look more like “her”, or be friends with “her”. Even after developing crushes on friends through the years I was still in denial. After my 18 year marriage to a man fell apart I have been dating women but have yet to be in a serious relationship. I have 3 teenagers who still live at home. I’m a little further behind in my journey than Heather and Carla so it’s great to have them as friends to help me work it all out.

Heather- I remember being attracted to females at a very young age. I remember making so many excuses for these feelings and convincing myself over and over to take the easy path. I got married at a young age and have 2 wonderful children. Through the marriage I began to struggle with my true self wanting...needing to come out. The marriage ended and I began the journey to figure out who I truly was. I met my wife shortly after and we have been together 10 years.

Group Rules:

We require that all members use their real first names and have a recent identifiable photo of themselves. This promotes the safety of all of our members and allows us to recognize you when we first meet. If you do not feel comfortable posting a picture of yourself, please send a picture to one of the organizers upon joining so we can recognize you. Thank you!

Each time we gather together those in attendance will have the option to give a contribution of $1.00 or more to offset the subscription fee that Meetup charges organizers for being on their website.

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