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The Crystal Bed is available for appointments from 10am- 4pm today.

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The Crystal Bed (or Bath) was created as a healing modality that opens and balances the seven Chakra energy centers of the body. The quartz crystals have been specially chosen for their healing qualities. Each one is hand carved from a single source and polished to exacting standards.

A Crystal Bath session is safe and non-invasive with no contra-indications. A person lies fully clothed (or may choose a plush spa robe) with the eyes covered, on a massage table as Seven hand-carved quartz crystals all cut from one piece of crystal are positioned in a fixed array over the Chakra (energy) centers at a level approximately 12 inches above the body. Light and color shine through each crystal in alternating patterns and wash over the body in a pulsating rhythm. The colored light shining through each crystal channels a specific energy to each chakra cleansing and balancing it during the session.

Call / email -[masked] or crystalbed@firstunity to schedule your session

COST: 30 min session = $30 , 60 min session = $60

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