What we're about

Remember long ago, people used to have conversations without involving their mobile phone.

Remember when you could hang out without having to take a selfie or photograph of your dinner.

Remember when you could idly chat with someone you might meet at an event without worrying that any minute now they might open their mouth and drop a political statement so repugnant that you'd rather drink battery acid than continue the conversation.

Ah, it's the stuff of dreams, right?... Wrong.

Here at YouTellYours, we are firm believers in the joy of hearing new information from others, in the hearing and telling of stories, and the sheer brilliance in the ease of feeling part of a conversation.
We are all interesting people, my friends - no matter what our internal narratives periodically tell us. Come hang out, hear some stories, tell some stories, eat some snacks and remind yourself that most people in the world are completely and utterly awesome.

This Meetup is all about practice, a small group sits and tells stories with no preparation, no judgment, and no competition...and when you leave this meetup you will often feel like you've had the best conversation. Everyone got to speak and everyone was heard.

Here is a video of my co-founder, Lynn Ferguson, explaining the importance of narrative storytelling at the end of a 6 week class we delivered in Burbank:


At YouTellYours we bring the power of storytelling to forward-thinking organizations. These Meetups are a fun, interesting experience where you will make some new connections through story. However, the same exercises, with some added narrative-based techniques, will transform a team. Understanding how your stories affect you, and how your peers view the world, increases the team's emotional intelligence and hence improves performance, retention, and sense of fulfillment. If this all sounds too good to be true, come to the next Meetup and find out for yourself.

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