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Fit City MKE Meetup on Fitness, Lifestyle, + Entrepreneurship

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Hey Team,

We're back...kind of for the 1st time! Fit City MKE is ready to regularly hosts meetups on fitness, lifestyle + entrepreneurship, with our 1st meetup up being next week:

Wednesday, August 15th

730pm -930pm

MOCT, 240 E. Pittsburgy Ave., MKE, WI 53202

The over-arching goal is to have the best of MKE's fitness, lifestyle, entertainment, foods, etc in the same place at the same time, networking.

Each meetup will have (1) main speaker. For this meetup, we will have Brandon Culpepper, Founder of Pepp Nation, a for profit youth mentorship program that helps kids get to college through self-marketing and athletics. In a very short time Brandon has set MKE's youth on fire by partnering with Play Rugby USA + Boys & Girls Club of Greater MKE this summer.

I'm inviting you for a night of inspiration, networking, and beverages.

While Brandon has a lot to share from his experiences as a D-1 college football athlete, member of corporate America, NFL hopeful, and now a successful entrepreneur...he needs your help MKE to take his vision a step further.

Thanks for all of your support so far...

Work hard. Live well.

Ambrose WB


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