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FIT Lauderdale is a fitness and wellness community started by journalist and PR professional, Marilyn DeMartini. Its goal is to provide a forum for its area fitness and wellness providers and to broadcast online news of all the activities, professionals, wellness products and vendors, lifestyles, practitioners, medical research and reviews of these listings.

FIT Lauderdale – Creating community in fitness
FIT Lauderdale emerged as a social media source for information about the fitness scene in Fort Lauderdale and as a way for me to share my passion for all things and people promoting health and wellness. My desire was to unite fitness fans and practitioners so we would all work together towards a mutual goal by sharing information, events, classes and philosophies—ways to create a true fit culture are share our passion for wellness and its benefits

Translating my passion for sports, fitness and the outdoors into professional writing and teaching gave me great opportunities to interact with like-minded spirits. As a certified group fitness instructor and Y-200 Yoga Instructor, I enjoy working with adults to maintain, increase or jumpstart their fitness programs. While I strongly believe in weight training –especially for women to build muscle and bone strength, I also firmly believe that yoga is the ideal adjunct to any workout; we need to lengthen the muscles we contract during resistance training to gain flexibility. Don’t let anyone tell you that yoga is not a strength building exercise! It IS—you are moving your body weight in a slow and controlled manner that builds strength as well as suppleness and balance.

Dynamic Aging - Seniors Rule!
10,000 people will turn 65 each day for approximately 10 years according to the PEW Foundation. That is a LOT of people growing older who need to keep moving to avoid falls, bone breaks, rehab and nursing homes. I especially enjoy working with seniors and earned a certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) to focus on what I call “Dynamic Aging,” the ability to grow older powerfully rather than “gracefully.”

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