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This is a Life-Enrichment group for all individuals, regardless of relationship status or physical limitations, of age 40 plus in the Knoxville area. We are a multi-dimensional wellness group dedicated to improving and maintaining quality of life : mind, body and spirit. The Group will provide opportunities for socialization - by organizing various events. We hope to provide a environment and a culture which enables the enjoyment and celebration of life. We actively promote a holistic, sustainable and an authentic lifestyle. No pets allowed unless specifically stated. All members are welcome to schedule events. They can email me with the details and I will post.Members are welcome to bring Guests. Events highlighted as Family-friendly, will be open for kids and family members.

A note especially for Outdoor Events - You are responsible for your own safety and well-being. !! Ultimately, you are the leader of your own adventure experience. Know your own capabilities, as any participation in group events is “at your own risk”. By signing up for an event, you agree to take responsibility for yourself and any guest(s) you may bring. There are no “liability waivers” or other written agreements to sign. By signing up for an event, you agree to forgo the right to exercise legal action in the event that you and/or your guest(s) are injured at one of the events.

Feedback is welcome on a on-going basis for any events - past or posted. This helps us to make this Group - more vibrant, healthy and transparent.

Please post a current, forward-facing photo of yourself only, disclose your full name , as a professional courtesy to all members. This is a mandatory requirement for all members. Please do keep RSVP updated at all times , as a professional courtesy to attending members. This helps in event planning and logistics. Membership Dues : Membership dues are $12( Individual, Couple,Family) annually for unlimited events. An additional benefit, is all members have the option of joining our sister group - Namaste : Welcome to India for free. You do have to sign up at the meetup site : ( and enroll yourself as a member. All meetup organizers of existing groups ( operating more than 2 years ) and members who play an executive/managerial role in non-profits are exempt from membership dues. This is create and encourage a spirit of volunteerism, that is so vital for our local community. For Fundraising events, specific instructions will be given in advance. Every incoming member gets a free 30 day Trial Period. You are responsible for paying your dues, when you join or at the end of the Trial Period. Please pay at the time you join. Go to "Pay Online" at the Fit N Fun @ 40 Plus site and follow the directions or pay to the Host of the Event.

Welcome and start your personal journey of growth and enrichment, and improve your life and of the community that we all share and enjoy............

Viren Lalka , Organizer

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