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Donations: 5 dollars
Much appreciated

Come join me for Qi gong. Thousands of years ago in China the art of Qi gong was developed to exercise the physical body and strengthen one’s energy. The motions comes from the center of the body as the arms and legs move in harmony with one another. As the class progresses, walking forms will be included as the course progresses to develop one’s core and root. This is an excellent way to exercise the physical body and calm the mind. Everyone is welcome to learn Qi gong; especially those who have minor injuries, are going through physical therapy, have arthritis or joint problems. The movements are slow and gentle, guided by mental concentration and inner peace.
Certain Qi gong exercises renew the qi in the entire body, while others Qi gong exercises aim at specific areas of the body. The movements serve to strengthen and tone muscles, encourage the proper alignment of the skeleton, improve the function of the organs, enhance mental acuity and balance the emotions. Breathing circulation is improved, so this is excellent for runners, bikers, and swimmers to increase their stamina.

This art is a wonderful way to care for the whole body and is fun to practice with a group of people.

Dante is certified to teach Tai Chi Ball and Qi gong by Master Nianzu Li. Master Nianzu Li has taught China’s exercise art to thousands in the Washington area since coming to the U.S in 1981. He has a general Traditional Chinese Medicine practice in Silver Spring and is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.

When you drive into the complex just drive all the way down, over the three road bumps and you will see 11803. The is a handicap sign in front of the building. We will meet there and then walk 1 minute to the baseball field.

If weather conditions are below 30 degrees, snowing or heavy rain then we will cancel and reschedule.