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We will walk and talk about a specific TED Talk that has been "assigned" for viewing for each week. (Think book club but without all of the reading!) The walk itself will be similar to those we do on Thursdays, except slightly shorter. Please see any "Thursday Evening Stroll" for details about the walk itself.

If you are not familiar with TED, you can check out the site at . We will take recommendations for future talks; please post them to this discussion ( or tell us at one of the walks. When you recommend a walk, we ask that you also recommend a date and/or tell us your availability so that we can schedule your suggestion on an evening that you will be there. If your recommended talk is selected, please make every effort to attend that evening's walk.


For this walk, our assigned TED Talk is Global population growth, box by box (

Discussion questions:

1) In 1960, what did Swedes want to buy? What did people in the third world want to buy?

2) What did people want to buy in 2010?

3) What technology did Rosling say will need to be implemented for the economic progress to continue into 2050? What technologies do you think the world will need?

4) What one thing must be achieved to limit population growth? Do you agree? What must happen to enable the one thing to be achieved?

*** Thanks to John for finding this talk and for providing questions!

Tina, Alan (571-236-9999), and Eric