Tech5: Contain yourself! Kubernetes at scale and ECS Fargate

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Fiverr's architecture is constantly evolving and the infrastructure must keep up the pace. Building and running scalable and secure systems that serve millions of users on a daily basis requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. And recent advances in container technologies can be of much help.
We invite you to join us while we share our stories about some of the biggest projects we undertook: zero downtime migration to Kubernetes and serverless PCI compliant environment.

The meetup will be held in Hebrew.


18:30 - Gathering, snacking & drinking

19:00 - Fiverr Story
By: Ofer Kirshenbaum, VP Platform, Fiverr.

19:15 - The Journey to Kubernetes
By: Oron Riff, Tech Lead, Fiverr.

19:45 - re:Think PCI compliance
By: Alex Gaganov, Senior DevOps Engineer, Fiverr.

20:15 - Core EKS design primitives and what’s new
By: Kobi Biton, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS.

20:40 - Mingling, drinking & snacking


Fiverr Story / By Ofer Kirshenbaum

In this short intro, Ofer will give an overview of Fiverr’s history and the possibilities opened up by migrating to AWS.

The Journey to Kubernetes / By Oron Riff

Fiverr is growing. And growing fast. Setting up and managing dedicated instances for each new service while keeping costs and complexity under control is an operational overhead.
To ease our growing pains, we decided to pack our apps into containers and move them to their new home: Kubernetes. Join Oron as he shares Fiverr's story of our zero downtime migration process, cost-effective cluster architecture and frictionless delivery pipeline to production.

re:Think PCI compliance / By Alex Gaganov

One might think that being PCI compliant goes hand-in-hand with managing servers, installing security patches, updating antivirus signatures and hiring Brinks armored van to ship backup tapes off-site… Well, that’s what conventional wisdom says, but is there a better way?
Join Alex as he provides you a glimpse into a fully serverless architecture we created at Fiverr to process and store our customers' payment cards data.

Core EKS design primitives and what’s new / By Kobi Biton

Kobi will briefly present key Amazon EKS design primitive tips derived from our customers and bring you up to speed on core new Amazon EKS features.


Ofer Kirshenbaum is the VP Platform at Fiverr, Leading the Platform group, which includes the DevOps, SRE, BigData, Backend & Frontend Platform development teams and IT/security.

Oron Riff, DevOps Tech lead at fiverr, delivering and architecting production-grade solutions since 2012, Oron is all about infrastructure as a code and constant improvement of production flows.

Alex Gaganov is a Senior DevOps engineer. Making an impact on Fiverr by adopting and integrating cutting edge technologies and working methodologies. Prior to joining Fiverr Alex worked at IBM Security Division.

Kobi Biton is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect, spent 4+ AWS years as a solutions architect, supporting leading AWS Customers across EMEA. Nowadays he is focused on Developing AWS Partners, while leading the AWS Container Technologies at AWS Israel.