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This group is for people interested in flipping houses. You have an opportunity to see an actual rehab in progress from simply putting lipstick on a pig to more involved rehabs where you may see walls moved, staircases modified, roofs raised to make room for a master suit and basements dug out to increase livable floor space.

You will learn where we found the property, how we funded the deal, see how we decided the exit strategy and what the projected profit will be.

Come see projects in progress from beginning to finished product.

We are a group of investors dedicated to helping each other through learning and joining together in spirit, as well as sometimes in partnerships, to produce a win-win situation for all, as well as create new friends and complete more deals.

We have live events, weekly presentations, fix and flip property tours, and workshops where you can continue to learn from experienced investors. Those who are already engaged in real estate activities can learn additional techniques and benefit from working with other seasoned investors.

Newbies have the privilege of learning from the wealth of information shown by seasoned investors and the many learning opportunity provided thru events.

So if you are looking to get started in Real estate investing or completely new to investing and you don’t know where to start, you’re looking to meet more real estate partners or you just want to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs this is a great place to start.

If you would like to know more so you can grow and expand your knowledge and network this is the place to be.

Come, learn, grow, network and have fun! All are welcome to join.

Upcoming events (3)

Fix and Flip Property Tour Online - Out of State

Text CITOUR LIVE to (513) 449-5231 for registration and meeting ID.

Join us Saturday, October 26th as we watch and listen how other investors in 2 different states do their flips or projects. They will walk thru the projects and show you what they've done with the houses, how they found the properties, how they analyzed the deals and ran the numbers, what costs involved in fixing the structures and find out how YOU can do the same! Be ready and take down notes because you will be exposed to information that can be useful to you. We look forward to seeing you Online on Saturday, October 26th! Text CITOUR LIVE to (513)[masked] for registration and meeting ID.

House Tour in Cincinnati

Text CTOUR to (513) 449-5231 for registration and location

Come and learn how to Fix and Flip! See an actual flip in progress or just completed and waiting to make money. You will have an opportunity to take a tour through one of our group members property that they are currently working on. We will show you how they found the property, how they analyzed the deal and ran the numbers, learn what costs are involved in rehabbing the structure and find out how YOU can do the same! Let us show you what we're doing. Bring your questions, pen, and paper because you will be exposed to a lot of valuable information that you will want to remember. Text CTOUR to (513)[masked] for registration and location.

Play Velocity Banking

Text VB to (513) 449-5231 for registration and location.

Learn the Velocity Banking Game and Pay Down your Debt in Record Time! Velocity Banking will teach you how to use the banks own tools to reduce your debt in record time, and then use that money the bank will never get from you to purchase additional Cash Flowing Property. Join us and learn how to: 1. Pay down you debt in one-third the time or less, without changing your lifestyle. 2. Increase your Monthly Cash Flow. 3. Use your Cash Flowing Properties to Pay Down new properties. 4. Build your Rental Portfolio in Record Time. 5. Have the Independence to do what you want to do when you want to. When you play the game with us you can even start out using your own numbers and watch how quickly debt balance decreases to Zero. At the same time, you will be making friends with local investors and learning a few or their methods that you can take home with you. Text VB to (513)[masked] for registration and location.

Past events (64)

House Tour

Text CINTOUR to (513) 449-5231 for registration and location.

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