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This group is for people interested in flipping houses. You have an opportunity to see an actual rehab in progress from simply putting lipstick on a pig to more involved rehabs where you may see walls moved, staircases modified, roofs raised to make room for a master suit and basements dug out to increase livable floor space. You will see projects from all over the country from investors willing to demonstrate their skills in entrepreneurial projects and explain how they learned it.

You will learn how and where property was located, how they funded the deal, see how the exit strategy was determined and it is so important to have multiple strategies, and what the projected profit will be.

Come see projects in progress, some are just getting started, some in the middle with the building all torn up, and some completed, or nearly so.

This is a group of investors dedicated to helping each other through learning and joining together in spirit, as well as sometimes in partnerships, to produce a win-win situation for all as well as create new friends and complete more deals.

We have weekly presentations, fix and flip property tours, and workshops where you can pick up valuable information on investing.

Newbies can learn from the examples shown by investors and benefit from the many learning opportunities provided thru this and subsequent events.

So, if you are looking to get started in Real estate investing or are completely new to investing and you do not know where to start, this is a great place to be.

The entity that we use for projects is Real Estate Return, and is not necessarily the presenter/owner of the presentation/property or workshop. We are part of a nationwide group and take examples from multiple locations to demonstrate techniques popular in all locations, for example building codes and practices used in Main are different from those used in Hawaii. Our goal is to invite people to see what is being done in all communities and help them get involved with investing, if they choose to do so, or to continue attending and take advantage of the many no cost events. All are welcome to attend.

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Tax and Legal with Mark Kohler - Online

Online event

Text CINN-TAX to (513)[masked] for registration and access of the workshop.

Join us on Saturday, March 6th, when Mark Kohler will dive into Tax and Legal Strategies that every business owner needs to know!

Mark will expand your mind with creative strategies for maximizing cash flow, while minimizing your annual tax burden! Take notes on how to save money when setting up your business, and create legal protection for the company you work so hard to build. Learn how to pay your family without spending a lot in taxes and why investing is a strategy you really want to follow.

Through this full day of training, you will receive the latest up-to-date information that you need to save the maximum money possible on your personal and business taxes! It's not about how much you make, it's about what you keep!

He summarizes and explains the changes that are likely to affect small business owners, and he will help us understand how to apply this knowledge and make the most of current tax legislation in a legal and ethical manner.

This event may cover:
1. Planning, protection, deductions, entities and assets.
2. Learn everything from the foundational Tax and Legal Strategies, to
determining how and when, you should form a business.
3. How to turn your business into a cornerstone of Tax information &
Legal Strategies for your wealth management program.
4. As a small business owner, you are entitled to take advantage of many
of the same tax strategies as Big Business.

About Mark J. Kohler:
Mark J. Kohler, M.Pr.A., C.P.A., J.D., is a best-selling author on asset protection and tax planning; national speaker; radio show host; blogger for Entrepreneur.com; real estate investor; and partner at the law firm, Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller & Sorensen; and the CPA firm of Kohler & Eyre. Mark is a personal and small business tax and legal expert, who helps clients build and protect wealth through wealth management strategies, and business and tax remedies often overlooked in this challenging, ever-changing economic climate. His seminars have helped tens of thousands of individuals and small business owners navigate the maze of legal, regulatory and financial laws to greater success and wealth.

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