This is our monthly potluck, recurring the third Saturday of every month. It's a family-friendly event--so bring the kids and enjoy great conversations, delicious food, and occasional shenanigans!

I am anxious to give the park another chance! This will be great for those of us with kids (mine will be there this time – 8, 10, 12) and it should be a beautiful day - much warmer than last time , sunny, with a high near 69 and no wind. Lets start it a little closer to dinner but early enough that there is still lots of daylight (sunset is at 7:30), I'm thinking 5.

The families that need to get their kids to bed can head out and those that want to keep the party going can carry on downtown or at someone's house if they aren't enjoying the park after sunset.

Please bring something to share! There is a grill there if you want to cook something there bring some charcoal!

If you have kids and want to bring an activity for them to share with friends, great! I will try to have some fun on hand as well.

This is a great one to invite friends. Hope to see you there.

Also - if anyone wants to lead a round of disc golf preceding the event, I would love that!

Finally - there will be a steering committee meeting the preceding Friday so there will be some things to discuss as a group so hopefully you can make it and provide input on some upcoming initiatives.

Thanks all!!