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New Year’s Eve Party!

We are all part of a such a wonderful, engaging community of Freethinkers.

But let’s take a break from causes, fundraisers, and all those pesky personal life events that hang over our private lives. Instead let’s get together as friends, for the last day of 2013, to celebrate who we are as individuals, and who we are as the Flagstaff Freethinkers.

We came up with an activity we could do at this New Years Eve Party.

There is no obligation to participate of course, but, if you could put together even a few positive words for a new or an established Freethinker friend, it would be great way to show your appreciation for others and give them a boost to start off the upcoming year. A compliment, or kind word goes a long way in our lives, and humor can be even better medicine.

The “Pass it on,” idea is as follows:

1. Jot down a sentence or more in thanks or appreciation to someone in the group (or as many someone’s as you would like.)

2. Fold it up, tape the edge, or put it in an envelope,

3. Write the persons name and either the word “public” meaning they can open it at the party and share if they’d like, or “private,” meaning you would like your words shared just between you and that person.

4. Give it to the person with a smile or a hug.

The tentative 31st evening’s event plan:

· For those who would like to drink, you can contribute $20. or just be sure to have cash on you for a taxi ride home. (PM, email, text etc. us,) your address so we can tell the driver at the end of the night.

· Prior to the party, select volunteers will go pick up those that will be drinking.

· Non-drinkers or those with a D.D. will come on their own :)

· Be sure to bring your own drinks or some to share, and maybe a group snack.

· All of us will gather for laughter, games and conversation.

· Ideally, we will have a place for children to watch movies or play games and perhaps an older child to watch them. (children could bring a sleeping bag and perhaps a sleep over can be arranged?)

· Before 10:00, anyone who would like to, can carpool (with a DD) downtown to watch the Flagstaff pine cone drop at the Weatherford.

· For the rest, anyone can stay and enjoy great company drinks and maybe a fun group activity. Trivia? Twister…ok, maybe not Twister. We’ll keep entertained I’m sure.

· The pine cone watchers can re- join the party after their event if they want.

· Just before Midnight: We can do a countdown and cheer in another year filled with opportunities and experiences with this wonderful group!

At midnight, Everyone who wants to, can take part in giving our fellow Free Thinkers a hug, and wish them a happy new year.

· For those that were drinking, Taxi’s will be called to take them back home.