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This is our open drinks and discussion night, it is intended to be adult-centric but children are free to come - see more on this below.

The 'agenda': Is to just hanging out with like-minded friends!

This is an adult-centric event but children are not excluded if their parents want to bring them. We want parents to feel free to share their time and experiences with their kids in whatever way they choose and we aren't going to restrict access to anyone, of any age. Just be aware that the conversations at this event are deliberately uncensored and free-flowing. We try very hard to create an atmosphere that feels very safe for authenticity. We don’t inhibit topics or language at most of our events. Some of us choose to shield our children from these kinds of discussions/language while others of us prefer to have our children participate.

For adult-centric events, we will often offer childcare, either at the event in a separate location from the main party, or at a different location altogether. If there is no information about childcare posted on Meetup or Facebook - feel free to request it. We should be able to make it work! Either way kids are free to attend and for the adults there - adult centric events mean you are free to speak as you wish - if you see other kids there, don’t let that restrain your authentic exploration of whatever comes up - the parents have brought their children knowing what they might hear.

Contact us if you would like to know more.