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Flagstaff Writers Connection
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Willamette Writers Conference!
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Pitches are live now at Willamette Writers Conference Registration! We have editors from Hachette (including JIMMY, James Patterson's new imprint), Penguin, Sourcebooks, and Lonely Planet, as well as top-notch agents, managers, and producers to hear your pitch. The full list of pitch times is in Conference Registration. Click here (https://bit.ly/2WQ0wSU) to head into registration and pick your pitch!

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[ http://willamettewriters.org/wwcon/ ]

Find your critique at the Willamette Writers Conference
[ http://willamettewriters.org/wwcon/critiquing/ ]
Not ready to pitch, or need some focused help with your work? Register now for an Advanced Manuscript Critique or an On-the-Spot Critique. New York Times Bestsellers, world-class instructors, renowned editors, and helpful agents are here to help you improve your craft and find the fixes you need to make your work shine. The full list of critiques is available at conference registration: https://bit.ly/2WQ0wSU.

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