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More and more are coming to the realization that the ball earth cannot be.

Water always finds it's level and there is no easily provable curvature, actually the opposite is true and easily proved and can be seen from various locations in White Rock British Columbia.

There are many more examples simple to duplicatable, easy replicate which will raise questions in even the most skeptical of minds.

Having others to discuss these issues with can help in comprehension when the true impact of what is really IS enters your reality.

Join us in a non confrontational discovery of what, why, when and where we truly live.

The title is "Flat Earth Research" but it could more reasonably called the "Search For Truth". For those new to this topic the areas that this topic includes is enormous, you will see how they actually dovetail beautifully. It is a wonderful journey bumpy at first but smooths out with time eventually becoming the most exciting understanding possible.

Friends and fellow curious like minded members wanted.

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