Webinar: Hack Your Career Path: Entering & Advancing in Cybersecurity

Learn to Code in Kansas City | Flatiron School
Learn to Code in Kansas City | Flatiron School
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Cybersecurity is an exciting, rapidly growing space where the future is promising, but also at risk. With cyberattacks on the rise across the globe, the need for more cybersecurity professionals is clear to build a secure future. But, where do you start? What cyber roles are even available, and how do you land one?

Join us online to hear Taree Reardon, Senior Threat Analyst Shift Lead at VMware, explain the different types of positions and career paths available to those looking to break into the cyberspace. From specific specializations to technical skills needed, she'll also cover how to identify what you like and how to capitalize on that interest. Plus, she'll share her expertise on how to ensure career growth, including finding a mentor, developing a strong network, and much more.