Webinar, Deep Dive: Career Services at Flatiron School

Flatiron School Kansas City Coding Community
Flatiron School Kansas City Coding Community
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At Flatiron School, we don’t believe our responsibility to our students ends when they graduate. A coding bootcamp is a chance to reinvent your career and to reinvent yourself, and that's where our Career Services team comes in. Their only priority is to help you get a job and start a tech career that you love - wherever you are located. Your success is our success. Plain and simple.

Join our Head of Career Coaching, Eli Bohemond, as he walks us through how Career Services works at Flatiron School and how his team can assist you in landing a job in tech. From the logistics of being matched with a coach to useful tips for your job search, Eli will dive deep into how we help our students land jobs across the globe.