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This is a group for foodies who believe in delicious, nutritious, and beautiful food made without compromise. A "Flexitarian" is a person who has no hard and fast rules about their diet, but will eat a primarily plant based diet, while including some meat, poultry, or fish occasionally. We're sharing hearty meals and fun classes that bridge the gap between food science and art, with our community of like-minded environmentally conscious foodies who believe in a food system that sustains people and our planet. We care about the environment equally as much as we care about how our food looks and tastes. "Food is our common ground, our universal experience" - James Beard.

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The Future is Fungi

995 Market St

Join us for a fun filled night where we'll talk about how fungi will save the planet! You'll hear from companies using fungi to change how we live and eat, to mycologists and fungi enthusiasts. Panelists: Gladiators in the field of of myco-innovation Kim Le - CEO and Co-Founder of Prime Roots which is a company that makes fungi superprotein that is delicious and good for you and the planet. Prime Root's superprotein is grown using fermentation and their process and ingredients are all natural. Prime Roots is developing delicious, hearty, and nutritious meat and seafood alternatives with the protein and has a community chefs and foodies for plant based recipe sharing, fungi related content, and experience seeking fungi-lovers. Kim developed the idea to use fungi as a sustainable protein source and meat analogue through her experience in microbiology and in having deep roots in the restaurant and food service industry. The Prime Roots team was part of IndieBio, the world's leading biology accelerator, and made the world's first fungi based salmon burger that was featured in Fast Company as a World Changing Idea and the Wall Street Journal in the Future of Everything. Other Panelists TBD

Wild Mushroom Foray with Mario Gabiati

995 Market St

Join us on an exciting adventure in our very own backyard, Tilden Regional Park! We will be guided by mushroom extraordinaire and resident Board member and educator at Counter Culture, Mario Gabiati. Prime Roots is the sponsor of this fantastic fungus foray. We are a group of fungi loving foodies with the goal of making food products using fungi super protein. We want to connect with our community of fungi foodies through educational and fun workshops and experiences, just like these! We're planning on releasing our line of protein products later this year, and we'd like you to join our community! Join us in doing our part to make a positive impact on our planet, one bite at a time. Follow, like, share, and post on our social channels @primeroots (IG) and @primerootsfoods (Facebook/Twitter) and let us know what you think! To become a member and get exclusive access and free tickets to more workshops just like this, go to www.primeroots.com/memberships to learn more. About Mario: He holds degrees in cognitive science and neurobiology from Occidental College, marine biodiversity and conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and conservation policy from UC San Diego. His brilliant workshops weave together his background in biology, education, horticulture and food science. Come prepared to go on an adventure that connects you with the natural world, history and culture through the lens of science, food and nourishing the body and soul. According to laws in this regional park, we are not allowed to collect specimens in this area. Fines can be as high as $500 per infraction. ***specific meetup location will be sent to confirmed foray attendees***

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Magic of Miso Workshop

Tinker Kitchen

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