Getting Houses Bought Without Loans ...

Flipping Houses Without A Loan
Flipping Houses Without A Loan
Public group

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

128 Center St

128 Center St · Wallingford, CT

How to find us

We are in the main meeting room once you get to the Hub Cap Community Center.

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Countless amount of folks want to buy and sell real estate for profits. I have found most don't have the money or credit to buy houses through banks.

So they have no choice but to start with Creative Finance deals.

Maybe your in the same boat? After all, that's how I started. And I struggled really hard for many years to get on the "insiders track" of these Creative Financing deals.

15-years later I am proud to say I have done hundreds of deals and NEVER use a bank! In fact, if the bank is involved I am hesitant to do the deal.

There are MANY, MANY, MANY other ways to buy then the the common fad of using banks, and being dragged threw that torture.

These Meetups approach investing very intelligently, and with lot's of intuitive and rewarding ways to make money now, make money monthly, and make money later (all on the same deal).

Come to this meeting and let me "un-bog" you from the fog of these old school myths most call real estate investing.

You will be as surprised as a teenage girls dad hearing his little girl is pregnant of how to be a specialist in Creative Financing. This I can only tell you from the many before you. It is the common reaction of the fresh-faced investor every time this meeting occurs!

And you will soon find out it could be the most rewarding way to run a business or create a career once you make enough to forfeit your current income now.

Hope to see you at the next meeting :-)