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What we're about

Regardless whether you are licensed or unlicensed, if you are a professional in Architecture, MEP Engineering or Construction who want to generate extra cash using your skills, want to slap you boss and become independent or want to be connected with jobs on a regular basis. This MeetUp is for you.

Floorhacker is a B2B technology company that simplifies supply and demand of AEC services. We help Development, Mgmt, Design, Brokerage firms and corporations streamline the hiring process to support high volume interior renovation transactions for Commercial, Multifamily, Corporate & Institutional real estate.

Why those customers?

They manage a large amount of transactions, need services on a regular basis, and really appreciate speed, high quality and competitive pricing; we provide all of that plus the ability to request services in two minutes.

Why interior renovations?

Interior renovations are simpler in complexity, needed in large numbers, on a frequent basis, and their success rely heavily on speed, quality and cost; interior renovations are a recurring opportunity.

How is it simplified?

We abolished the wasteful RFP and coordination processes by providing automated pricing intelligence, service request, payment and scheduling on demand so you don't have to expend more time at sites, over the phone, drafting proposals or holding your breath to get paid; customer can get jobs started in minutes and you get new jobs in your inbox without much effort

How is it better?

All that waste take a toll on time, operating cost and profit, and professionals are typically forced to increase cost of services to compensate for it. We use our time entirely on production or improving other skills which makes us proficient, efficient, responsive and more competitive than everybody else.

What we are working on:

We are building the marketplace to be launched in BETA (by invitation only) on August 27, 2018; while everyone can keep working with us to provide services on demand; only professionals who manage to build a solid reputation of excellence will be awarded access to create a profile and to promote services on demand using our pricing algorithms, our platform and our network of customers. They can sell services by project size (area), quantity (per unit) or per hour.

Services to be supported during Beta:

- Building surveys (existing conditions)

- As built (after construction verification)

- Space planning / test fit/ floor plan layout: (Only 5 niche experts for each segment will be selected)

* Office

* Retail

* Restaurant

* Public assembly

* Trade show

* Hotel

* Residential

* Hospital

* Ambulatory Surgical Center

* Doctor’s office

* Urgent care clinic

* Nursing home

- Real Estate photography

- 360 virtual tours (Matterport, Iguide, immoviewer)

- 3D scanning

- 3D rendering (Images)

- Virtual 3D walk-through videos

- BIM conversion from CAD

- BIM drafting, standards, details, sets, etc.

- CAD drafting per hour

What is next:

We will meet every month starting August 1st, to explain how the systems works, to connect with other professionals, to build teams that will support large transactions and to learn what other services and technologies you would like to see in the system.

We are paving a new way for efficiency and transparency in the industry, be part of the movement

Join us to become a service provider, to apply for eligibility to our BETA, to become part of the team or to connect with like minded re-tech enthusiastic professionals

Also please raise your hand if you want and can help with the monthly even organization. Send an email directly to talent@floorhacker.com

Disrupt or get disrupted.

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