What we're about

Hi. our group is oriented towards cultural activities in Florence and Tuscany.

As we are self-financed, and as we receive no form of sponsorship nor money from any entity, a yearly fee has to be paid to become a member.

MEMBERSHIP: To become a member from February 2018 you need to send 5 euro onto paypal. Your membership is valid 12 months from the moment of your payment.

Every kind, polite, open-minded person is welcome, regardless on whether you are an in-born Florentine citizen or are just passing through Tuscany;

(The above points are the basics about this group. Now, if you want to know more, please read the below accurate explanations and the expected behaviour rules:)

disregarding your gender/ethnic origin/age/language/education background, please just bring a friendly attitude, an open mind to accept other ideas than yours and a smile! :).

You can tell the other participants your stories about travels and exciting places you have visited, to help newcomers find out facilities and utilities to live or temporarily stay in Firenze : while respecting different cultural backgrounds, you can share ideas also to advise how to interact with Italians in general and particularly with local inhabitants. You can friendly ask questions about their hometown, their typical food, their languages and traditions and habits and their favourite music.

You are not obliged to buy anything, neither drinks nor food. If we gather in a bar or in a restaurant, we just pay to the owner (if and) what we consume on the basis of the officially displayed price, as any other customer.

At the events you are not obliged to buy food nor drinks (Vous ne devrez pas payer pour causer avec les autres ! Man braucht nicht zu bezahlen, um miteinander zu reden !) )

We do NOT aim at gathering crowds with hundreds of people at the same venue and time.

Inactive members and all those members never participating in any event shall be politely dismissed, in order to leave room to other motivated friendly smiling newcomers.

This group does NOT belong to any political circle. We do NOT sell products nor services related to religion/meditation/self-development/language courses/tourism ;

While we encourage the team-building and long-term sharing of culture and genuine friendship within Firenze, this group is neither a matchmaking tool nor a social framework for dating other people.

You are therefore kindly requested to participate in the event together with the others at the same time. You are likewise strongly encouraged to be "inclusive" and to try to talk to as many people you can reach out during the Meetup event. You are politely invited not to stick "bilaterally" on nor to "monopolize" one person during the whole event, even worse if you stiffly brush off others who are attempting to join your conversation. Indeed a purpose of joining a group is to share your ideas with as many people you can meet.

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