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Jacksonville Area Florida Carry Meeting and OC Fishing Event
Come join us for our Jacksonville Area Meeting to raise awareness of Handgun Carry rights in Florida 10AM - 12PM On the second Saturday of each month, Florida Carry ( holds local meetings for our members and other second amendment advocates throughout the state. The meetings are informal and hosted by local volunteers who work to insure that it is a pleasant event. Many participants Open Carry and fish during these events. Other participants carry concealed and may or may not fish at the meetings. These monthly informal events are a way for local second amendment advocates to network, keep up-to-date on current legislation & litigation, and make new friends. Currently, Florida Carry’s ( "Second Amendment Saturday (" events are held simultaneously in: Jacksonville Daytona Beach Melbourne Orlando Tampa Ft. Myers Ft. Lauderdale Miami-Dade You will need your proper saltwater or freshwater fishing license to fish and you have to be fishing (or going to and from) to carry openly. Concealed Carry requires a valid Concealed Carry License and fishing is not required unless you are carrying unconcealed. If you are planning on bringing a firearm please abide by these Three Simple Rules: Hands Off Guns – No Long Guns – Be Safe Keep All Hands Off Sidearms & Holsters! Do not unholster for any reason other than to save a life. Make sure your sidearm is secure in its holster. - Condition Yellow - Do not fidget or make adjustments to your handgun or holster in public. If you need to make an adjustment, take it to your vehicle. If anyone, including the media, asks to see your handgun, just turn your body so they can see or film it in the holster. Do not rest your hand on your gun or holster. No Long Guns! This event is about the carry of handguns and other defensive implements that can currently be carried under Florida law by CWFL licensees. The Carry of Long Guns creates some practical issues with physical handling in public venues and is more provocative. Always Follow The Basic Gun Safety Rules! All guns are always loaded. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier

503 North 1st Street · Jacksonville Beach, FL

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Florida Carry, Inc. ( is a non-profit, non-partisan, organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental civil right of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self defense.

Florida Open Carry ( is a grassroots movement made up of people who seek to protect and expand their individual right to keep and bear arms and are willing to exercise that right. Open Carry refers to the act of carrying a firearm in plain sight.

In Florida, if you can legally carry a loaded and unconcealed firearm while engaged in, or going to and from, Fishing, Hunting, and Camping expeditions. With some planning and preparation, a law abiding person can open carry a firearm in public and stay in compliance with the law.

Responsible, law abiding friends and Florida Carry ( Members ( hold meetings throughout Florida in an effort to raise awareness in the community. Our goal is to help educate others about their right to legally open carry and advocate for expanded open carry as allowed in the vast majority of other states.

If you would like to help expand your right to carry openly in Florida, come out for some of our great fishing events to promote OC!

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