FCCP Weekly Photo Assignment 31: Ground Level

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This is not an in person event, but please RSVP in advance or if it's too late, just leave a comment and then proceed with your upload.

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FCCP events are designed to encourage members to take photos more frequently. Assignment topics are chosen to encourage members to photograph subjects they may not normally photograph. Members may have to use techniques that they don't normally use and in return, they'll gain new insights and skills in photography.

With Assignments, it's OK to start taking photos as soon as the event is posted. However, if you find yourself unable to take a photo during any week, it's OK to upload one from your archive, but please indicate that it's "From My Archive," in the caption or the first comment.

Once you have completed the assignment, upload the one best shot taken to the album created for the event. Please don't upload your one best photo before 2:45 PM, Thursday 8/1/2019.

Here are a few "Ground Level" photos ( https://tinyurl.com/y2f8gu5d ) to get you thinking.

Good luck and good shooting.
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Upcoming 2019 FCCP PhotoTours

Yellowstone/Tetons Wildlife with Fall Colors — September 2019

Fall Colors & Lighthouses, Acadia National Park/Portland — October 2019

Polar Bears & Northern Lights, Churchill, MB — Oct/Nov 2019
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