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Tabimina Balintawak is a Filipino Self-Defense System and Survival Art that use the single stick method to train its practitioners on developing advanced reflexive responses and other attributes needed to defend one's self or their loved ones against an assailant intent on harming them. This is accomplished and attainable through Tabimina Balintawak System's one on one instructor led training that quickly builds the foundational attributes needed for Survival.

The stick however is only a tool used to develop the body mechanics and reflexive responses that are directly translatable to empty-hand movements. Due to this, practitioners of Tabimina Balintawak are equally adept fighting with various weapons (stick, blade, knife, etc.), or without.

In addition, due to Tabimina Balintawak's advanced reflexive response training, it's a perfect way to enhancing previous martial arts or sports training, such as Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Basketball, or any performance based activity where reflexive responses are imperative.

Tabimina Balintawak uses a unique method to train where its practitioners are taught directly one on one by a qualified instructor. The required personalized tutelage distinguishes Tabimina Balintawak from other arnis/kali/eskrima and martial arts styles where a student is typically teamed with another student, and pre-arranged drills are conducted. From day one new Tabimina Balintawak practitioner are given random and continuous attacks/strikes by a skilled instructor, generally at a speed just beyond his (or her) current ability to defend against. The beginning student’s mission is simple: to defend and counter the attacks. The result is an instructor-led training framework - called agak - that immerses the student in a dynamic state of attack and counters that he must strive to overcome. This is opposite of the “dummy” approach, typical of other styles where the attacker upon delivering a strike freezes or poses in the attack position so the defender can deliver multiple counters, this method is never used in Tabimina Balintawak.

In training, the student is always taught to assume their adversary is skilled and will not stand still for them. Hence, the emphases on development of a strong defense in training.

Tabimina Balintawak follows 4 main training principles - Random, On-Target, Real-Time, Under-Stress.

This group is open to beginners and experts alike, no prior experience is needed.

If you're tired of the common, dissatisfied with the impractical, looking for a new challenge in life, then check out a Tabimina Balintawak Training Session.

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