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This group is for anyone interested in cybersecurity. From the curious to the world renown, we welcome all who have an interest in getting together to further our collective knowledge in all things cyber. Getting together should be emphasized here. While much can be done remotely, there is value in meeting up in-person to share ideas, encourage, and mentor each other. While technology is driven by business needs, business is driven by relationships, and there is no substitute for meeting up with people who have shared interests when building relationships. So our goal is to connect and share.

As a community, we will shape what we do, learn, collaborate on, or create. Meetings will be held at least once per month at the i2 Labs co-working space in Downtown Miami. This facility is exclusive to technology or cybersecurity related businesses, and is located on the 14th and 15th floors of the New World Tower on Biscayne Blvd. i2 Labs has an in-house cybersecurity academy and a live Security Operations Center (SOC).

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i2 Labs - Miami

Grand Opening!

i2 Labs - Miami

Kickoff and Plenary Meeting

i2 Labs - Miami

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