Brevard Furs (Fursuit) Bowling Meet!

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It's that time again... time to start bowling in fursuits! A few years ago this used to be a regular thing, so we're going to try it out again for the same deal! I've talked to the bowling alley and they've agreed to reserve us some lanes next to a storage room that has plenty of space for changing in and out of fursuits! For $16.00 USD you will get bowling shoe rentals and 2.5 hours of X-FACTOR (cosmic) bowling between 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM. Black lights and disco balls will be turned on, the lanes will be dark, things will glow! Fursuits are welcome and encouraged, but not necessary! You MUST wear bowling shoes, no footpaws or street shoes are allowed on the wooden bowling floors (this includes the polished space before the lanes where the ball return is). Non-bowling shoes scratch the lanes, and in previous years we were kicked out of our first bowling venue because we didn't know this, so pay attention and use the bowling shoes. When you arrive at the alley, tell them you are with the Brevard Furs group and they will give you the discounted rate of $16.00 USD plus tax and ask for your shoe size. Wait for Nero, Acid, Daichi, Ghost, Thunk, or an employee to show you where the storage room is that you will be using for your suits -- it often needs to be unlocked by an employee.

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