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It is CRITICAL that YOU Learn the Wealth Strategies that the rich have used for Generations to Secure and Grow Their Money! This Strategy is So POWERFUL that you will walk away looking at Investments, and the RETURNS they shed, differently!

Forever Wealth Team

• How to Get Tax-Free Advantages on Your Money
• How to Maximize Returns on Your Investments
• How to Create an Income Stream that Lasts the Rest of our Life
• How to Make Your Money Work For You

Featuring Brady Young

Brady has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has helped more than 1300 families reach their financial goals. He specializes in educating the population on how money works and how to get the best risk free returns on your investments tax-free.
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Also featuring:

Our very own FGC REIA Director, Chris Carroll will be talking about how he Automates his REAL ESTATE Business!

Automate your it Runs Itself!!

In this training, Chris will teach you:

How he uses VA's to handle a lot of his daily tasks.

How other people run his business for him...and cost him nothing out of pocket!

What systems he uses...and how you can use them too!

What doing a deal looks like when you aren't even involved.

and most importantly... what can you be doing with all of your new found free time!!!

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When: Tuesday Mar. 4th, 2014.

Networking 5:30 pm

Meeting 6:15-9:00pm

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$10 for First Time Guests!

$20 for Non-members

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PS: Don't forget to bring your leads for our Deal Structuring Segment. Let us show you how to turn leads into CASH.


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