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Pathways Connect to Family Wellness (Jacksonville Chapter) - 2nd Tuesdays
Parents, Parents To-Be, Caregivers, All Welcome! Discussion Topics Include: * ADHD - Do labels help or hurt? * Nurture your child before conception * Tuning in to intuition The Pathways Connect Gathering Group, is a free, nonprofit project, you will find like-hearted parents sharing their insights and experiences. Holistic, conscious living means making informed choices that are right for your family. In Pathways Connect people find respect and support for those choices. Pathways Connect, establishing the wellness community, empowering parents to make conscious choices. Join us, find your tribe.

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Established for the purpose of providing a platform for alternative healers throughout Florida, the Florida Hypnotherapy Center @ Jacksonville group provides a classroom environment that is available for organized, professional and loving group activities.

Any and all group, class, workshop, or other activities scheduled by various different coordinators and/or professionals are strictly for personal growth and or entertainment purposes. This is not a school, college, or university and does not enroll students or train individuals for occupational objectives!

Activities such as, but not limited to; hypnotherapy, yoga, reiki, aroma therapy, color therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy work, breath work, doula for natural child birth, meditation, book club, etc…

By offering a wide range of therapeutic services in one meet-up group setting, members enjoy exposure to various therapeutic modalities.

A wide range of classes, workshops, seminars and group therapies are offered here.

Most activities are free! Some activities may have a fee associated with them; yet, they will be clearly indicated.

The purpose of this group is to provide alternative avenues of healing modalities to one another through a group sharing and caring dynamic.

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