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MUFON presents "The Cosmic Matrix" movie. Get the facts, Prepare for contac!t

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We will start our New Year with sharing what has happened to each one of us. No pressure, but we love to support and encourage each other becuase of what we have all been through. Interactions with extraterrestrials is no small thing. Sightings and abductions are serious business. Let's get to know one another and share our experiences. 2019 here we come! We will also discuss our future meetings, there's a lot going on with MUFON! It's the year of our 50th Anniversary Celebration. We're excited to share whats in store with you! Keep looking up! We will present the recently released movie THE COSMIC MARIX!! The search for life in the universe has now been embraced by scientists around the world. Join us on an amazing new odyssey of Cosmic Disclosure, across the great expanse of space and here on Earth, from the birth of the universe to the present, as we take a fresh look at Science, SETI, Exoplanet Research, UFOlogy, Religion and their place with respect to the legitimate exploration of Extraterrestrial Life. Where does life and intelligence come from? How is SETI, MUFON, and Ufology now shaping the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in space and here on Earth? What have we learned from the recent discovery of thousands of planets revolving around stars beyond our own solar system? Join us as we explore "The Cosmic Matrix: Science, SETI and UFOs." Along the way we discover what drives our beliefs, how our preconceived assumptions shape our search for life, extraterrestrial intelligence, and our place in the universe. For the first time in history, this film presents an amazing new look at what we now know and hope to learn about our place among the stars. Thank you MUFON and UFO TV!