Sisterhood Camping/ Herbal Workshop


October 11th -13th
Only Ladies Camping!

This is something that I have been dreaming of doing a for long time. And I am extending the invitation to all the ladies of this meetup.

This is a Sisterhood camping and Herb/ Plant workshop weekend.


Arrive to the campground
Friday afternoon and set up your campsite.

*Dinner on your own.

8:30 pm . Opening Space. Fire circle.
*With fresh herbs and sacred tobacco we will do a "Limpia" and energetic, spiritual shamanic cleanse.

After the cleanse we will have a Reiki Activation Circle.
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that help balancing our chakras.


9:00 am Organic Vegetarian Breakfast (included)

10:00 -1:00 pm Plant Hike with Andy Firk .
A 3 hour hike around Charlie Creek to identify Florida Edible and Medicinal Plants. Wildcrafting.

1:30 Vegetarian Potluck Lunch

2:30- 5:00pm

Free time.
*Go to the creek for some Fossil hunt.
*Relax/Unwind trying out some of our homemade herbal teas.
*Take a nap.
*paint rocks in the art and craft table .
(All Supplies included)

5:30- 7:00 pm Home Herbal Use workshop for an Everyday healthy lifestyle with Girley white
A Hands on Workshop where you will learn how to create Natural products for everyday home and personal use. Supplies included.
You will be able to take your creation home.

7:30 pm Vegetarian Potluck Dinner

9 pm. Full Moon Ritual / Cacao Ceremony/ Drum Dance.
We will heal our heart chakra by connecting with a sacred Mayan Cacao that we will activate by praying together. Many women are still carrying the pain and resentment of their mothers, grandmothers and female ancestors. It is time to let go of that pain. Let 's dance together, Let's sing together around the bonfire.

The time has come for every woman to remember how powerful, loving and wise we really are!

8:30 am Organic Vegetarian breakfast (included)

9:30- 11:00 Walk to Charlie Creek to received the 13th Munai Ki Rite of the womb while you connect also with
Bach Flowers essences to create a personalized 28 days medicine for you to take home.

The 13th Rite is a gift to yourself and the healing energy of this blessing will reactivate your feminine power

The Rite of the Womb is a very powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative center. This blessing will reconnect you with your loving female essence and give back the self-confidence and self-worth you once lost.

11:30- 12 pm Closure / Integration.

Energy exchange fee: $150.

$20 deposit required at the moment of signing up. Please send paypal as friends and family to

*2 day Breakfast
*Plant walk with local herbalist expert
*Tobacco /herbal Cleanse Fire circle
*Cacao Ceremony/Fire ritual Dance
*Womb Rite blessing
*Bach Flowers remedy
*Home herbs use workshop
*Fossil hunt/ Art and Craft

What to bring:
* camping gear/camping chair
* 1 gallon potable Water
* 2 Vegetarian Potluck dishes to share
* reusable utensils and cup (no dischargable)
* Bug spray /sunscreen
* Music instruments/drums (if you have)
*Crystals if you have.