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An introduction to the world of bromeliads

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At this meeting group member Fred Rump will show us over a thousand bromeliads, many of them quite rare, as well as 400 orchids growing on his 7.5-acre property. We'll learn how he planted and raised them all using his simple methods, all of which can be replicated in our own gardens. For each genus he'll teach us about its ideal placement, the proper planting materials, the most effective propagating methods, and appropriate management techniques. We can take home some literature sheets with more information. didn't come by this knowledge easily. When he bought the property, he enthusiastically cleared the area and did lots of planting to create a very lush semi-tropical garden. Then came three cold (for Florida) winters, which wiped out practically all the work he had done. He was so devastated that he almost swore off gardening. He was pleased to see that the few bromeliads he planted had Fred concluded it was because they were low to the ground, under the protection of trees. He successfully planted more bromeliads in good locations, searched out more rare varieties as he traveled around Florida, and now has what is probably the largest collection of bromeliads in our garden group.'ll also admire the hundreds of orchids Fred is raising, and learn how to plant, care for, fertilize and propagate each type of these exotically beautiful flowers. Many are cold-sensitive tropical varieties that thrive with some striking rain-forest palms every winter in the warmth of his greenhouse. We can also help feed the long-finned koi breeding in the garden's pond. We'll feed ourselves as well, because snacks and drinks at each event help stimulate lively conversations. If you have favorite foods or beverages, you can bring some along to share with others. at all our meetings, members will bring their excess plants for the plant-exchange table, and take home other plants for their own gardens. Group leaders Peter and Suzanne will bring ten folding chairs for the formal (sit-down) part of the meeting, but we'd appreciate members bringing more chairs if they can.

PLEASE NOTE: The group has never before had so many members signing up to attend a meeting. Fred's place can accommodate everyone, but parking is limited. We'd appreciate members sharing rides to and from the meeting if you can. Offers and requests for ride-sharing can be posted on the web site's Carpooling page at Thank you.

To let Fred and his wife Marlies know whether you can or can't attend this event, please click either Yes or No on the RSVP link in the upper right corner of the screen. All our events are free for everyone, so your interested friends can attend as well. Please indicate the number of guests you're inviting when you RSVP. We expect this to be a very informative meeting. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 15, so please make a note on your calendar now.


  • Bonnie Breedlove H.

    I'm new to Florida (4/13) this was my first meeting. I enjoyed touring his beautiful garden (I'd love to do it again) I know a lot more about my bromeliads now and I have hope that someday my place can also look like a park.

    4 years ago
  • Missi

    So sorry I missed it! Too much to do, too little time!!!

    4 years ago
  • Ella

    Fred, I live in Belize, Central America, and even though we have an abundance of bromeliads in the wild, there is very little interest in growing them in the gardens and identifying them. I would like to find the way to visit your garden, talk to you and learn about your collection. Is it possible for me to visit your garden, or is it only open for special events?

    4 years ago