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"Meet the members" get-together in the new organizers' butterfly enclosure

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Now that new organizers have accepted the club's leadership, meetings will typically be held on the first Sunday of every month, from 4 to 6 PM, in the homes and gardens of volunteer club members. Meeting hosts can change the date and time of their get-togethers if they prefer. Hosts and members should feel free to offer simple snacks and drinks during the meetings, although there's no obligation. Attendees can bring along their gardening friends, because visitors interested in southwest Florida gardening are always welcome to participate.

At the October 7 meeting, members will meet one another and celebrate the newly reactivated garden club. Hosts Peter and Suzanne will give a brief tour of their half-acre garden and its 36'x60' screened butterfly enclosure. Attendees will get close-up views of the eggs, caterpillars and chrysalises of the three native Florida butterfly species currently breeding in the enclosure. The enclosure also features two large ponds, where the hosts are raising tropical water lilies, papyrus, lotus, other aquatic plants, and hundreds of local Florida fish.

At this event, everyone can describe their own garden, and exchange suggestions for topics to be discussed at future meetings. The club's web site is being enhanced with additional features, including a page on which members can list plants and seeds they're offering or seeking. Log in frequently to see further improvements. But first, please submit your RSVP by clicking to indicate if you'll be attending the October 7 get-together, add a comment, and type in the number of friends you're inviting to attend as well. We look forward to meeting all the group's members, old and new.

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