Past Meetup

A clothing-optional nude pool party in a new member couple's home in Punta Gorda

This Meetup is past

30 people went

Izzy and Goldie Weinstein's home

25351 Palisade Road · Punta Gorda, fl

How to find us

From I-75 North, take exit 167 onto Harbor View Road. Turn left to head north onto Rio De Jenairo Avenue. Turn left onto Sandhill Blvd., left onto Bushire Lane, right onto Palisade Road, to Izzy and Goldie's house on the left side at #25351.

Location image of event venue


Most of our naturist group's 1,300 members live around Naples, making members who live in the northern part of our area take a long drive to attend our parties when they're held in Naples. That's why this party will be held in Punta Gorda, in Charlotte County, which our northern members can reach more easily.

As at all our events, this party is non-sexual and clothing-optional, meaning those who attend can wear as many clothes as they want, or none at all, with never any pressure to undress. Everyone is welcome to enjoy these events, whether they're experienced nudists or just trying the adventure of socializing with mixed nude company for the first time. If you're driving a long distance to the event and decide to stay overnight at a hotel after the party, a Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, and Country Inn are all close by.​

Izzy and Goldie, who offered to host this party at their home, are new members who joined the group just recently. They specify that their garden can be seen by neighbors, so no one can be nude in the garden. (Only the flock of ibises shown in one of the photos below can enjoy the garden without clothes.) But we can all be nude (or clothed) within the attractively furnished house, and on the sunny patio, and in the spacious pool. As can be seen in the other photos above and below, the lower part of pool's screened enclosure is protected with an opaque covering, so that we can enjoy nude social recreation without offending any prudes who might think that the nude human body created by God is obscene.​

Because all our events are free of charge, generous members who attend contribute some foods and drinks to be shared by everyone throughout the party. The friendly conversations created during the snack-and-chat periods can give visiting non-nudists the opportunity to socialize casually with nude men and women, showing the newcomers that mere nudism shouldn't be confused with sexuality. Members can bring their young children along, knowing that they'll be in a perfectly safe environment. All nudists remember to bring along a towel to sit on when they're naked.​

To show the hosts (and your naturist group friends) whether you will or won't attend this party, click one of the blue RSVP panels near the upper right corner of the screen. The check mark will show you'll attend; the X mark will show you won't. If you're bringing along a guest, add a +1 when you RSVP so that Izzy and Goldie will know how many people to expect. Ironically, the Meetup program considers each membership to be for one individual person, even if the membership title is something like "John and Mary Smith." So if your partner is coming with you, you still have to add a +1 to your RSVP.​

Single men are strongly encouraged to bring along a female friend (nudist or not) to approximate the male/female ratio of the population. Anyone registering to attend after the attendance limit is reached will automatically be placed on the Waiting List to take the place of anyone who drops out. (Young children don't count in the limit.) Be sure to write your name (and have your guests write their names) on the sign-in sheet when you arrive.​

If you register to attend and then realize you can't, you MUST immediately revise your RSVP (from check mark to X mark) in sufficient time before the party to let others on the Waiting List take your place. Otherwise you'll keep those waiting members from attending the party, which would be very unfair to them. Members registered to attend who don't show up when expected will be marked as "no-shows" in our records and on their profiles on the group's website. If that discourtesy is ever repeated, their membership in the group will be cancelled. We look forward to meeting at the home of new members Izzy and Goldie some of the other new members who recently joined the group. See you then?