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My Prayer is that by opening our Stone Peoples Lodge to the wider community, we can help to bring some Healing to Unci Maka and All My Relations. There is NEVER a cost to join us in prayer, as we cannot sell something that Spirit brought to the Lakota Oyate to be shared with all the People of all the Nations, but we do ask that you be familiar with and abide by Inipi protocol/etiquette. We have a meal afterwards, so please bring food/drink (no alcohol) to share. We only have Open Ceremonies, so all are welcome, as long as they come with an open heart and with good intentions and Prayers. Please click on "More" in the line directly below the picture of our Hochoka/Altar, then click on "Message boards" in the pop up menu for more information on Inipi protocol/etiquette and some other pertinent info, which you will find in the post "Hau Mitakolas and Welcome New Members". If you have any questions or concerns after doing so, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer any questions and assuage any concerns. Wopila/Pilamaya for visiting our group page, and we hope that you will join us in Prayer soon.

Mitakuye Oyasin All My Relations/We Are All Related

Changleshka Wakhan Apichiyapi ekta Chankpe Opi Heal the Sacred Hoop at Wounded Knee

Uncle Dennis

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Join our Tiyospaye to Honor Ina Maka and to Pray for Healing for all the Nations

The Lodge and tipi in Indian Creek

*If you RSVP 'YES' that you're attending and you can't make it, PLEASE change your RSVP to 'NO' so that we not only don't wait for you to arrive before loading the Chanuppa, but you will also open up a spot for someone else if we've reached our limit. Pilamaya!* *If you're using the phone app, you'll only see a small portion of our site, so I can send you directions on how to access the 'Message Boards' which is located in the 'More' section under the picture of our Hochoka/Altar if you're on a computer, which allows you to access everything* Hope that you're all doing well, and please continue with Prayers for some rain/snow, as we're in a Stage III fire ban now (we can still hold Inipi though). This will be a Health and Help Lodge, and we only have Open Ceremonies, so all are welcome to join us. If you're new to Inipi or to Chanku Luta Inipi, please read the post 'Hau Mitakolas and Welcome New Members' that is on the 'Message Boards' before RSVP'ing and attending (as well as asking any invited guests to do so as well), in which you'll find what I refer to as Inipi protocol/etiquette (all Inipi are Sweat Lodges, not all sweat lodges are Inipi) as well as a lot of other pertinent info. Even if you've been here before, it doesn't hurt to read this post again, so please take a few minutes to do so. If you had any questions or concerns before reading this, most should be answered, but if not, let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP. Once you're read this post, when you RSVP that you're coming, please click the 'YES' button to let me know that you have read said post and will do your best to abide by these Traditional protocols. I'll prepare the Inyans/Stones on Sat 2/15 afternoon with Kaylen, one of our newer members, who has expressed his desire to learn about the Inyans and becoming a Fireman, so let me know if you want to join us if you'd also like to learn this necessary step to becoming a Fireman (I'm teaching a couple of classes at the gym Sat morning and won't get home till after 11, so we'll probably meet sometime after noon). Kaylen and I will be out at the Lodge Sunday to finish the preparations around 8:00am, light the Fire around 9:00, we'll load the Chanuppa(s) around 11:30, and crawl in to Pray around noon (all times are Indian Time/Later O'clock). You're welcome to come out at any time to help with the final preparations +/or the lighting of the Fire, tie your Prayer Ties, or just sit around the Fire and drink Pejuta Sapa. I will show you how and have everything that you'll need if you want to tie Prayer Ties but have never done so before, and if you've already tied your Ties once or more, please bring Red 100% cotton cloth, string, and Tobacco for your 14 or 21 Ties, and arrive in time to tie your Ties before we load the Chanuppa(s). Eileen is tying the 100 Red Ties and 7 Robes for this Lodge, and she's recuperating from her hip replacement surgery on 1/8, so keep her in your Prayers, and you can say pilamaya to her if she's able to attend. If you would ever like the Honor of tying the 100 Red Ties (or 14 each of the 7 colors, starting with Blue, then Green, Purple or Lavender, Black, Red, Yellow, White, then 1 Purple or Lavender and finishing with 1 Yellow) +/or the 7 Robes, please let me know. I do send a follow up email with any updates and more info the Friday prior to Inipi to all who have RSVP'd 'YES', and also post it on the 'Message Boards', so please RSVP if you know that you're coming, and if you RSVP after Fri morning or haven't received it by Fri afternoon, check the Message Boards for any updates. Hope to see you all here, and wicozani waste' till then! Mitakuye Oyasin Uncle Dennis Home[masked] Cell[masked] [masked] No cell service out here, and my cordless phone has no reception at the Lodge, but either email me or leave a message if you need to speak with me, and I'll get back to you ASAP, but email is always best!

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