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My Prayer is that by opening our Stone Peoples Lodge to the wider community, we can help to bring some Healing to Unci Maka and All My Relations. There is NEVER a cost to join us in prayer, as we cannot sell something that Spirit brought to the Lakota Oyate to be shared with all the People of all the Nations, but we do ask that you be familiar with and abide by Inipi protocol/etiquette. We have a meal afterwards, so please bring food/drink (no alcohol) to share. We only have Open Ceremonies, so all are welcome, as long as they come with an open heart and with good intentions and Prayers. Please click on "More" in the line directly below the picture of our Hochoka/Altar, then click on "Message boards" in the pop up menu for more information on Inipi protocol/etiquette and some other pertinent info, which you will find in the post "Hau Mitakolas and Welcome New Members". If you have any questions or concerns after doing so, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer any questions and assuage any concerns. Wopila/Pilamaya for visiting our group page, and we hope that you will join us in Prayer soon.

Mitakuye Oyasin All My Relations/We Are All Related

Changleshka Wakhan Apichiyapi ekta Chankpe Opi Heal the Sacred Hoop at Wounded Knee

Uncle Dennis

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Gathering Stones/Preparing the Stones and Fire/Wiping Ceremony/Healing Lodge

The Lodge and tipi in Indian Creek

*NEW TIMES!!* Hau Tiyospaye/Mitakolas. Hope that you're all doing well and enjoying your Spring so far. You are all welcome to join us for any or all of the following: Gathering Inyans/Stones Sat 6/22 11:45am We will meet here at the tipi/Lodge to head out at noon to one of my clients properties in Florissant where she has volcanic vents that have ejected volcanic Stones. If we don't collect enough Inyans there we will stop along CR12 (our usual Stone gathering location) on our way back to collect enough Inyans to get us through to next Spring/Summer (I use 7 new Inyans for every Lodge, and a total of 28, 7 for each Round/Door). Preparing the Inyans 1:30pm I will start the preparation of the Fire pit and explain what I'm doing as it is done. When we have a Healing Inipi, we paint a Medicine Wheel on each of the first 7 Stones with Pipe dust (pilamaya for the Pipe dust, Paul). Everyone who has helped gather the new Stones (or is here when we return) will pick one Stone and paint it with a Medicine Wheel. I will then prepare the first 3 Stones for Tunkasila/Wakan Tanka, Unci Maka/Ina Maka, and Mitakuye Oyasin to show you how we do this, and those of you who have painted a Stone will then prepare that Stone following the same protocol, but for West, North, East, South. If there are more than 7 of us, the Stone gatherers will have priority, and the remaining people will play Inyan/wowapi/iyusla (rock/paper/scissors) to see who gets the Honor of selecting and preparing the remaining Stones. Preparing for the Fire/Peta 2:30pm I'll have all the wood prepared beforehand, so it will just be a matter of starting the wood piles in the West and East, and then continuing around the Stones to completely encircle them. Lighting the Peta 3:00pm Everyone who has helped with the preparation will have an opportunity to Pray with Tobacco and offer it to the Inyans, and I will say the final Prayer before we light the Fire. Then we can drink wakalopi/coffee and relax for a couple of hours, and we can all help with the Fire. Making the Wasna After the Fire is Going I'll make the Wasna and anybody who wants to know how this is done can come in to watch. Wiping Ceremony 5:00pm I will Wipe all of you who want to be Wiped, and I'll explain this further before we start (it is basically "wiping" you clean with Cedar smoke, similar to Smudging with Sage). Loading the Chanuppa(s) 5:30pm If you carry a Pipe and would like to share it with us, please bring it with you and we will load the Chanuppa's while Val sings the Pipe Loading song, accompanied by anyone else who knows that song. Entering the Lodge 6:00pm We will crawl in to Pray and we'll have 4 Doors/Rounds. EAT! We'll smoke the Chanuppa(s) and then share a meal of whatever food has been brought. SLEEP! You are all welcome to stay overnight, and in the past when we have done this multiple-Ceremony Inipi, people have slept in the tipi, the Lodge, tents, hammocks, their vehicles, wherever they chose. The tipi has a queen futon bed, and there is plenty of room on the floor (bring sleeping pads/bags) and I also have a cot I can set up in the tipi. You can pitch tents pretty much anywhere, or sling a hammock between any trees you choose (hope to see you, Lee!). Breakfast Whenever we're up (which for me is usually 2-3am, although since I'll be up WAY past my bedtime, who knows, but I'll get all the prep work done and maybe start cooking around 7 or so) I'll make a big omelette (eggs, egg whites, yam, broccoli, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, red onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger, cheese, salsa, and chicken habanero sausage with whole wheat tortillas) in the morning, with lots more wakalopi, and for the vegans I can make my power oatmeal (veggie protein powder, hemp and chia seeds, walnuts, cinnamon, wasna, maple syrup, dried tart cherries). Please go to the announcement for our Sun 6/2 Inipi for more general info, and please RSVP so that you'll receive a follow up email Thur 6/20 with any changes.

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