• Scale Your Product


    If you have a great physical product or an idea for one, and your plan is to SCALE it and bring it to the widest possible audience, come to this two hour workshop in September and find out how to approach retailers for the first time and get the inside line on trade shows and the different ways you can meet new stockists. With guest speakers and an in depth talk from designers who have been there, done that, and sold the t-shirt to Anthropologie, this event is a must for any product creator who wants to grow her business.

  • Product Academy - Creating & Launching Great Physical Products in London

    Have you got an idea for a great physical product? Maybe there's been something fizzing away at the back of your mind for a while, and now you are ready to take it out into the open? This 90 minute workshop over coffee (and maybe second breakfast!) will bring a brilliant group of creative and ambitious women together to air their ideas - maybe even for the first time - and start making them into reality. My name is Sarah, and I have successfully launched my award-winning products in to Liberty, Anthropologie, Harvey Nichols, Fortnums, Graham & Green, Paperchase and many more wonderful retailers. After introductions, I will kick off this fun event in Notting Hill with a short but highly practical intro into the world of premium product creation and how to get a product designed, made and out into the world. Then it's over to all of us together to share ideas and offer each other practical feedback, so that we come away from the event feeling energised and ready to start making things happen. This event is taking place in a relaxed cafe environment, not a private space. If you need to bring a baby or young child, that's completely fine.