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Channeling is not one thing; it encompasses quite a variety of endeavors. What some people refer to as intuition is a form of channeling—you channel your inner knowing. Psychics channel. What you will learn in this class, is to open to, and learn to trust, the higher guidance that is available to all of us all the time. You will also learn to discern voices of the light that will serve you and/or your client from voices of darkness that will lead you astray. And we will focus on clearing the blocks that get in the way. This meetup is intended for anyone who is interested in deepening their connection to God and their inner guidance.

Hours: Sat, 10-5, Sun 9:30-1:30. A follow up will be scheduled when we meet.

Please see the flyer (flowingspirit.com/files/LearnToChannel.pdf) for more info.

Please note:
The date is NOT set. If you are interested in this Meetup, please let me know & I will schedule it when it works best for most people. I am looking to do it in the spring. Please contact me as soon as you know you're interested. You won't have to commit until we've scheduled it. Definitely contact me before Christmas if you're interested.

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