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Imagine yourself as a capable, empowered, successful and happy soul. Imagine being aware of each thought and reaction that comes to mind - and then ruling it. Some might balk at being so ‘in control' of themselves. But you truly are an independent soul, who can choose how to live.

With Raja Yoga meditation you can remove the old patterns of influence and recreate yourself to be how you want to be. That is the power of Raja Yoga. This ancient meditation practice harnesses your natural powers and trains your mind to be your friend. You are not your mind; you are not your body. You have a mind and you have a body. These ‘tools' sometimes work well and at other times may need calm and exercise to get back to a healthy path.

When we sit quietly, cancelling all mindsets, and allow ourselves to know the deep peace of the soul, miraculous changes can take place. People will understand you clearly, new doors will open, friends will call and that stiff neck will relax!

Raja Yoga teaches us to step back and observe life, take a calm breath, cool our reactions, and step forward in the way we choose - independent of others urging us to think or act as they wish.

Raja Yoga sets you free. Raja Yoga releases the power to respond with love.

Sponsored by: Global Harmony House (A meditation center of the Brahma Kumaris), 46 South Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11021 Phone: (516) 773-0971

ABOUT THE BRAHMA KUMARIS: The work of the Brahma Kumaris is inspired by a vision of a world where every individual can develop to one’s own full potential as a human and spiritual being, and live in harmony with others and the natural world.

For more information: bkmeditation@fastmail.fm

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All programs by the Brahma Kumaris are provided free of charge as a community service.

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Queensboro Hill Library

We will explore the healthy thinking habits of people who are able to set their own goals in life and experience the joy of achieving them.


Queens Library at Bay Terrace

Do you compare yourself to others? Is your self-worth based on what others think of you? Accepting yourself allows you to be the best YOU are. We will learn how to find the courage to be our authentic, imperfect selves.


Queens Library at Whitestone

Learn how to shield your mind from panic in times of confusion. We will explore how to: 1) See crisis as an opportunity to advance in life; 2) Learn the lesson it is teaching; 3) Detach from the situation in order to face it; 4) Act on the basis of inner wisdom.


Glen oaks Public Library

How do I cope with negativity, when it seems like it’s all around me? If I step back and see things from a different perspective, I can remain my own master. Then negativity will flow past me and not influence me.

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Glen oaks Public Library

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