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Erika-Mann-Straße 33 · München

How to find us

Isar Valley @ Google Munich. Get your badge at the lobby, we'll be there to show you where the event space is.

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🏰 Have you built something with Flutter? This is the time to show it to the world! This event is focussing on Flutter stories. You can share what you created with Flutter and how your experience was.

🍻We are going to have 5 short Flutter stories.


⏰Planned schedule for the event:

18:00-18:25 🍻Drinks, open discussion
18:25-18:35 👋Vince Varga - Welcome

18:35-18:50 🎤Stefan Schaller, Julian Bissekkou and Tobias Marschall from Tikkr
18:55-19:10 🎤 Nils Schmidt from Glutyfree
19:15-19:30 🎤 Wolfgang Strunk from SV Pullach/iteratec

19:35-20:00 👻Break

20:00-20:15 🎤Julian Köpke from LIV-T/OilFox
20:20-20:35 🎤Stefan Fellner presents Frisbee (FeST App)
20:35-21:00 🗣️ Open discussion

Please note that the schedule is subject to change.


📍The event's location: Isar Valley @ Google Munich


🎤 Stefan Schaller and Julian Bissekkou from Tikkr
Tikkr is a time tracking tool for small startups and freelancers. You can create and track tasks. You always have an overview of your time and statistics.
Tikkr is a team of three: Stefan, Julian (mobile developers) and Tobi (web developer). They also develop a web app in AngularDart, this enables them to share code between the web and mobile app.

🎤 Wolfgang Strunk from SV Pullach/iteratec
Have you ever built an app for a non-profit organization? The SV Pullach App lets you figure out the next games, insert them to your calendar, search for match locations and get overall team information.
A no longer maintained iOS App was the trigger for a rebuild of the outdated Android App. Flutter's cross-platform approach allowed to give it a try, backed by Wolfgang's personal 5 day budget for innovation projects.

🎤 Nils Schmidt from Glutyfree
Glutyfree is an app to detect gluten in packaged-food using optical character recognition. It helps people who are dependent on a gluten-free diet or who follow a gluten-free lifestyle. The idea for the app originated because Nils' friends always asked him whether a certain product is gluten-free. Now they can simply use Glutyfree.

🎤Julian Köpke from LIV-T/OilFox
OilFox is a smart meter measuring the fill level of your oil tank. It can be retrofit to old tanks with no effort. Our customers can then monitor their oil usage on their phones using a cross-platform app which was previously written in React Native. With increasing technical debt and little time to maintain the app, Julian started to rewrite the app in Flutter as a pet project. The new app is now in an open beta phase.

🎤 Stefan Fellner presents Frisbee (FeST App)
Have you ever played frisbee? Most of us did throw a frisbee in their lifetime and consider it as a fun activity. This is why Stefan has grouped up with the European champion in freestyle frisbee and put together a mobile game with real-life tips/insights from a pro.
Flutter enabled them to create a 2D game paired with guidance on how to handle a frisbee in almost no time. The frisbee pro is guiding you to learn different throws and tricks.
Check out all of Stefan's apps:


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