What we're about

Every time I take off, I get an almost overwhelming sense of freedom. It's as if I could go anywhere, and not have to worry about traffic or whether or not a road has been built over a body of water. Then to see things from that perspective - sometimes awe-inspiring scenes of autumn, or a river as the light hits it just so, or the wakes of boats, almost like swans, or the mountains fading into the mist in the distance. Ask any pilot why they fly, but be ready to be there awhile, because we never tire of talking about flying.

This group is dedicated to General Aviation pilots, pilot wannabes, and others who love to fly in small planes. I often hear pilots lament that they love to fly but don't have anyone to fly with. So let's change that!

We'll get together for the $100 hamburger runs, day trips to beaches, mountains, and other exciting destinations. The DC area is a great one to fly in as it is so close to many day and overnight flying destinations. For example, it's an easy day trip to one of several beaches, including Nag's Head, to enjoy some sun, sand, and adventure, not to mention great seafood.

Who should join:
- pilots with planes
- pilots without planes
- student pilots
- non-pilots who enjoy flying

Who should not join:
- people who don't want to fly
- people who are afraid of flying
- people with conditions that might be a problem in a small plane (my nephew has claustrophobia so bad, he can't even sit in my plane)

My plane is based out of Leesburg, and I'm based out of Reston, but we have pilots and passengers around the area. Note that the pilot and passengers in each plane usually share the direct costs for the flight equally (direct costs are fuel, landing fees, etc.). We won't know the exact actual cost until the flight is completed, however we try to give you an idea of what to expect. Sometimes a pilot will not charge all of the costs involved, in order to help people out who can't afford it, and sometimes the costs are limited to some maximum amount, however this is not always or even usually the case, most flight costs are simply shared equally.

Please click on the "Pages" tab (https://www.meetup.com/FlyingFriends/about/) for important information regarding the rules and expectations of the group and members.

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