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Let's do our maiden adventure to where it all started. Kitty Hawk ( is of course where the Wright Brothers made their first flight, and it is now a national park. Not only that, but there is a public airstrip right next to where they flew, called First Flight airport (KFFA).

Those who want can meet me outside the Starbuck's at the South Lakes Village Center on South Lakes Drive in Reston, and we can carpool to Leesburg or Manassas. If other pilots with planes sign up, then there may be other meeting places, and of course people can always meet at the respective airports. Anyone meeting me at the airport should do so around 8:30.

The flight is around 2 hours one way, and we have a few options as to what to do while we're there. Since this is a day trip, we will have to settle on just one thing. There are a couple of restaurants near the beach, or a deli where we can get something to go and take it out to the beach. These are about a mile walk from where we park. Then we can either stay at the beach or walk back to the Wright Brothers museum. There is a possibility the parking will be full, in which case we won't be able to stay and we can decide then to either fly to another airport and rest or rent a car, or just head back home. Likely we will not want to sit for four hours, so we will probably land somewhere.

Pilots, note there are no fuel or other services there, however AOPA has donated a pilot lounge. I haven't been there since that happened. We can always stop at Suffolk on the way back and get self-serve fuel - it was $3.68 per gallon on the 4'th of July.

If this fills up, feel free to get on the wait list since maybe some other pilots will join the group and want to fly their plane, or we will get some cancellations.

My expected itinerary:

8:00am - meet at Starbuck's
8:30am - arrive at Leesburg airport (JYO)
9:00am - depart JYO for FFA
11:00am - arrive at FFA, secure plane, and walk to nearby restaurant for lunch
12:00pm - lunch
1:30pm - decide to either spend some time at the beach or go back to the Wright Brothers Memorial and look around
5:00pm (at the latest) - meet back at the plane(s)
5:30pm - depart FFA
7:30pm - arrive back at JYO
8:00pm - depart JYO after securing plane and cleaning off the bugs
8:30pm - arrive back at Starbuck's

Try to pack lightly, but with all flights be prepared to spend the night if need be. Bring sun screen, camera, hat, plenty to drink.

The following is info on the pilots and planes. If other pilots with planes sign up, I'll update this.

Private pilot with instrument rating (not current), around 800 hours of pilot-in-command time. Plane is a 1977 Cessna 172 with 180-hp conversion, IFR with Garmin 430, around 4500 total hours on the airframe, 800 hours since the last overhaul on the engine. Plane carries 6.5 hours of fuel. No damage history. Based in Leesburg (JYO). Payload with full fuel and myself is 388 lbs. If I can get a tip tank emptied prior to the flight, that will add an additional 69 lbs. to what I can carry. My direct costs are around $75 per hour, so I expect the total to be around $250, shared by all.

Private pilot for a year and a half with about 70 hours PIC. I enjoy going to a new airport each time I go flying and always try to invite others to come along. It's fun exposing people to flying and it just seems an awful shame to let a seat go un-occupied. I would like to build a kit plane some day, probably an RV-7, and I hope to meet someone similarly passionate about aviation who would like to be a 50% builder/owner. The airplane I usually fly is a 1981 Piper Archer 2 with Garmin 430 out of Manassas (HEF). The useful load is about 960 lbs or 672 w/ full fuel. I'm about 185 with my pilot bag, so that leaves 487 lbs remaining.

Private pilot for 1-2 years, around 100 hours PIC. Matt rents a nearly new Diamond DA-40 in Leesburg (JYO) with a Mode S transponder for traffic and a Garmin G 1000. The cost is $150/hour, so total trip cost would be around $750, if three people go then about $250 per person.

My cell is 571-236-9999. Please take that number and the number of your pilot with you.