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Are you interested in meeting new people on fun trips by private plane at very affordable prices? This is perfectly feasible and there isn't any trick. A pilot, member of a flying club, can hire a plane, usually containing 2 or 4 sits, and travel around at his convenience. He pays back to the club a rate per flying hour, which we can then split. All those planes have double commands, so if you are interested in discovering aviation and learning to fly, do not hesitate, come and join the group. Or if you are simply interested by discovering a new fun way to travel on week-ends and want to make new friends while visiting new places one never has the occasion to go to, you are also more than welcome! We now have a couple of pilots who can hire a plane, so many fun group trips come!

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(Postponed) Rotterdam - (New date to be confirmed)


Recent events surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK mean that unfortunately we have taken the tough decision to postpone our trip to a later date in 2020 or 2021.

Trip Description

Weekend in Rotterdam

We are intending to fly to Rotterdam for the weekend of 18th April.

At the moment we don't have the number of aircraft attending the event, if you are interested in the event please RVSP .

Join the waiting list.

If you are a pilot and have seats available on your aircraft is interested in joining the trip, contact an organiser.

More info to follow soon.

If you are new to this Meetup group, please attend the social events in order to get acquainted with the rest of the crew and to join our trips.

Next Social is taking place in March.

Weekend in Bruges


We fly to Bruges every year. It's a wonderful town with plenty to do.
We will have a nice dinner, try chocolates and enjoy the town like we always do.

PILOTS: feel free to join us with your own aircraft and to increase the number of seats on this trip.

We are departing from several airfields: Hampshire, Kent, Hertfordshire and Sussex.

If you are new to the group and wish to join one of our trips please attend our Social Events.

More details to follow soon.

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2021 Trip to beautiful Morocco 🇲🇦

Needs a location

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