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First, - What Is ‘Naturism’?

People who consider themselves ‘naturists’ defend social nudity in public and in private. Naturists encourage a world in which we are undefined by the clothing we wear. Naturists believe that being naked (some prefer the word ‘nude’) with others can help you to gain a stronger sense of confidence, body acceptance and self-respect.

What Is Naked Yoga?

Naked yoga is exactly what the name says. It’s about showing up and practicing with nothing but your ordinary and yet extraordinary animal body. This au natural class encourages you to embrace another layer of freedom in your yoga practice; it’s an opportunity to remove a large social barrier (clothing), - and then practice yogic awareness in an environment that embraces an even freer, more fully revealed Self.

It is a yoga practice that holds an intention of a holy body free from shame, guilt and suffering. By removing our clothes we are encouraged to examine our bodies and our belief patterns. We let go more quickly of what is holding us back, and move more deeply into our truth and our bliss. Naked yoga practice is about accepting and revering the body as a temple in all of its shapes and sizes and celebrating the union of body and spirit. This practice removes the clothes and the identities we place on ourselves when we wear them. Naked yoga is about accepting the totality of the form of the body and immersing into the ecstasy and absolute potential of the body-soul union. Unlike other spiritual philosophies, practices, or traditions that work to transcend the body, this practice celebrates the materiality of the body fully with reverence, joy and abandon.

Naked Yoga is every week, except the last Thursday of the month. With a maximum of five women per class, I ask students to email me or text me at 416-550-4137 to reserve and get the buzzer #.

Isn’t 'Naked Yoga' just a gimmick?

I’ve been asked the same of Ganja Yoga.

A gimmick is something that is made to intentionally stand-out in order to increase its appeal. It’s a quirk of little relevance or practical use. If you’re a variety-seeking Western yoga practitioner who always craves the next-big-yoga-thing, but find that the novelty of hip-hopyoga, Yoga Dance, Acro-Yoga, or Ganja Yoga does nothing for your personal growth, reflection and development beyond the 2 hours on the mat, then the yoga served as nothing but a gimmick for you.

However, if an outside-the-box way of practicing yoga has a positive impact on your life, your connection to the divine, and your way of being in the world, then it isn’t a gimmick, it’s just unconventional.

Why practice Naked Yoga?

- To quietly (our loudly) live outside of society’s norms

- To enjoy greater freedom of movement due to the absence of clothing

- To accept one’s body and experience being vulnerable with the naked body, and (like I did at Om), to realize that (other than being beautiful and free and liberating!), nudity really is no big deal.

- To see other naked bodies. Real naked bodies. Lumps and bumps and so-called imperfections. To over-ride Hollywood’s notion of nakedness with something more real and diverse. To see and be seen, and to accept and be accepted.

- To notice the movement, texture, and temperature of the air on your skin as you practice. To notice feelings about seeing and being seen as they come up and to work with them in a yogic way.

My 'Nude Yoga' Etiquette

- Disrobing of clothes is a ritualized event. Please do not remove your clothes before you have been instructed to do so.

- At no time may you touch another yoga practitioner or teacher while they are practicing yoga. (Um. Duh???)

- Proper hygiene is expected for class. Please come freshly showered. Please avoid wearing fragrances. Bring a mat if you have one, - or else you may borrow a mat and towel from me by leaving a donation.

- There is NO LATE ENTRY or early departure from class. Please arrive ten minutes early, and plan to stay for the entire time frame of the allotted class.

- The instructor reserves the right to ask any practitioner to leave at any time for any reason. - Right now, it's just for ladies. But, if you're a man that is interested, please message me and if we get a good number, I'll create some co-ed classes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Naked/Nude Yoga

Why do you practice naked?

There are as many answers to this as there are people who do yoga naked. Practicing yoga naked isn’t necessarily better than practicing clothed – it’s a different experience, and people have different reasons for doing it. Some enjoy the greater physical freedom. Some want to work on issues of shame and self-image. Some appreciate the clarity of seeing the instructor’s body. Some enjoy the taboo-breaking thrill of getting naked. Still others see nudity as a profound spiritual experience – a shedding of armor and barriers, and the social masks we present to the world, an opportunity to shed our judgments of ourselves and each other. Taking off our clothes – consciously and ritually – is a way to create sacred space that can be intimate and healing.

What kind of person is this class for?

This class is not necessarily designed for exhibitionists and narcissists. The spiritual aspects of yoga are much more central to the practice than showing off or picking-up. This class is for people who have a regular yoga practice. The level is upper-beginner/intermediate. Students should be comfortable with their yoga practice before coming to Naked Yoga.

Are classes co-ed? What is the gender balance?

Right now, classes are for women (and trans) only. In the future, I'd love to hold more co-ed classes that will be all-inclusive: gender, age, shape, size, and sexual orientation.

Do I have to be nude for this class?

All participants must be nude in order to maintain an equal footing among the group. All students will be on the same level – that’s the whole principle. Dee will create a sacred space, and you will have time to get comfortable at the beginning of the class before the disrobing ritual.

What if I'm on my moon (menstrual) cycle?

Bodies are honored in all shapes, sizes and energetic flows. Honor and CELEBRATE your menstrual cycle in all its phases, and respect your body how and it wants to be honored in this practice.

WHERE: 'The Bliss Den' - (also known as 'Dee's Place'...) ~ 50 Camden street, unit 103 - 416.550.4137 (text only) - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

EXCHANGE: $15 or 20 class passes for $200 (class passes valid at all my classes) - Also valid for DEAL FIND or PASSPORT TO PRANA class vouchers.