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Interested in deepening your spirituality? Calming your nerves? Do topics like Taoism, Eastern-based philosophy, energy healing, mindfulness, meditation, and the like, interest you? Do you want some support and encouragement from other like-minded people?

About Taoism (the philosophy)

Taoism is a philosophy that is based on a book called the Tao Te Ching, which is about living life with a sense of curiosity and which holds respect for the equality of others, a concern for the environment, and an excitement over living according to the natural course of the great mystery or the way. The Tao is not a deity, but instead is more similar to the "force" in Star Wars. Many followers of the Tao practice mindful awareness techniques which are good for: dealing with the stress that life throws at you, self-improvement, and cultivating a spiritual connection.

There are several factors making Taoism more attractive: the popularity of the Star Wars movies, the rise of "Dudeism" (a philosophy inspired by the movie "The Big Lebowski" and Taoism), an expanding openness to Eastern-based perspectives, a growing concern about the environment/climate, combined with the ever-present popularity of the book, Tao Te Ching and similar books based off this philosophical tradition such as the writings of Chung Tzu and of modern philosophers.

About this Follow the Tao meetup

Come and learn or discuss topics along the lines of mindfulness principles and self-improvement techniques from a Taoist combined with modern contextual psychology perspectives. We may also discuss some fun topics such as Star Wars philosophy, Dudeism, spirituality, synchronicity, etc.

Meetup will likely meet in a public setting such as a restaurant in the area, usually with an Eastern or Asian theme. Venue settings are close to Raymore, Harrisonville, Belton, Cleveland, Lees Summit, Peculiar, and possibly Leawood.

Group can meet on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening (when restaurants are not as busy), it would be expected that you patronize whatever restaurant or coffee shop that we meet at through your purchase of something to eat or drink. It would also be good if you could bring a small donation of a dollar or more to cover the monthly Meetup organizer fee. You do not have to pay anything other than your food expense. I (Chris - the organizer), am available for you to schedule any private mindfulness and/or meditation techniques at a cost, but there is no obligation for you to do so. I am not a pushy person, but I may occasionally mention my upcoming book and may mildly promote my services as a mindfulness meditation instructor and life coach - but you will not feel pressured to seek any of my private services.

If there are enough people that have daytime availability, I could add a lunch meeting as well as the evening meetups.

Who should come?

This group is great for those with an open mind and who are interested in things such as mindfulness, meditation, Taoism, Eastern philosophy, Native American philosophy, spirituality, environmentalism, etc. This meetup is open to all political and religious perspectives - however, if you are rigid in your thinking and come from a very conservative fundamentalist perspective, you may struggle with the concepts discussed which are rooted in Eastern spirituality with some contextual psychology mixed in.

Can't make it to the meetups?

If you can't make it to the meetups but would still like to learn about Taoism and related concepts, I host a weekly podcast called Cup of Tao (https://cupoftao.com) which is available on most major podcast apps or platforms, or by clicking on the link.

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Wednesday Tao & Thai

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