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This meetup is for people who think that white civil rights are under attack, but don't believe that racism is the answer. Here we can meet and discuss the nature of ethnic corporatism in America, and how it might be made into a more positive force in society. As corporatists, we reject supremacy in all forms, e.g. race, class, religion, ideology, etc. Tyranny of the minority and tyranny of the majority are both tyrannies.

Sweden, Denmark and Germany are corporatist states. They apply corporatism to labor/business relations; Sweden in particular is known for a high degree of collaboration between capital and labor, to (great) mutual benefit, unlike the U.S.'s adversarial model. If the Swedes can resolve their economic conflicts peacefully and without hatred, surely we Americans can learn to approach our ethnic conflicts the same way.

The purpose of this group is to educate ourselves in how we might do that. Meetups will be based around various topics and presentations will be made.

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