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My name is Artina McIntosh, and I am a Professor of Business/Entrepreneurship and and I have been a small business owner for 20 years. Although, I love teaching, I am what they call a serial entrepreneur!! I have not worked at a job in over 16 years. I have owned and operated over 10 businesses in the last 20 years and I hope to open 20 more!

I have my Masters in Business with a concentration in marketing and I teach classes such as Small Business Management, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Project Management, Personal/ Small Business Finance and Public Relations. I also do weekly small business workshops for the SBA, the Los Angeles Trade Tech Worksource Center and the Veteran's Administration; on topics such as business funding, tips and tricks of business taxes, website design, business plan writing, and building business credit.

Currently, working for Microsoft, has fueled my passion for technology and innovation and I am excited to share and educate my community with all the various tools that technology has to offer.

Inspired by my love for educating, technology and entrepreneurship, I have opened a non-profit (501C3) College Prep./ Business and Technology Center in Fontana "Empowering Success Now". Our mission is to provide the community with the resources, education and information needed to be successful in their personal, professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Purpose of this Meetup

Our purpose is not to sell you anything; but to be a resource to the community, small business owners and entrepreneurs. To provide motivation and empower you to achieve sustainable small business success. To provide free small business workshops, classes, consultation, network opportunities and business support needs such as computer access, copy, fax and scan services to the community that are in need of our services. To be there when times get tough and rough and you need someone to talk to or brainstorm with. To provide classes in the Microsoft Office Suite in addition to free legal classes and consultations so that you can defend yourself.

Who Should Join

Current small business owners, those with a small business idea, those starting a new business, or those interested on how to start or grow a successful business and what you need to do to get there. Those entrepreneurs who are stuck and need guidance and motivation to get focused and energized about their small business idea. Those who don't want to be chasing small business seminars all around town. Those who want to receive practical and real small business information from local business owners, college professors and industry professionals. Those who are willing to educate and share with the community about their business knowledge and experience.

Why Should you Join

To learn and share resources. To receive real down to earth, relevant, practical small business education. To be apart of an organization that will be there to support, motivate, educate and empower you down your path of entrepreneur success. You should also join to stay abreast of free monthly small business workshops such as: Small Business Start Up - Small Business Funding - Creating Business Plans - Incorporating Your Business Building Business Credit - Marketing /Advertising, Tricks and Tips on Business Taxes, How to Start a Non-Profit, How to incorporate, How to Obtain DBA's, Sellers Permits, Dun and Brad Credit and more!

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