What we're about

We're interested in health food topics that create a better understanding of true vitality in the human body.

This group is dedicated to health-food education, events, farmers markets, healthy dining experiences, and support groups. Have a health-food event coming up? Share with us and we'll post it for you if it fits our group description!

There are plenty of paleo or vegan (or enter your chosen diet here ______) groups out there - instead our group focuses on "bio-individuality" and the belief that there is not only one best way to eat for everyone.

We respect each other and our personal food choices. We enjoy seeking out new documentaries at small movie theaters, we appreciate a good farmer's market, we like experimenting with new foods and gardening. We appreciate support when it's needed (sugar addicts unite!) and, with a nutrition counselor running this group, have empathy for those who are battling diet-related health problems (such as IBS, Type 2 diabetes, mood disorders, autoimmune, etc).

Sometimes our meetups are group events with a host, sometimes they are just postings letting you know of an event that you can go to (or plan a group to go with) yourself. Welcome and let's have some fun and learn a ton with one of the most fascinating topics in Colorado: Food + Health!

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