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Ok here we go! Who loves international foods and not scared to try new things? I'm starting an international food club with a twist. We have to go in alphabetical order, cause that just makes it more fun! Each time we meet we can discuss which country is next and let's a try to find the most authentic place even if it's the shady part of town. Adventure is everything.

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Q = Qatar


https://kabsahfl.com/ Qatar. Really? Lol. This is the only option for Q! After doing some research this sums up cuisine from Qatar: cuisine is made up of traditional Arab cuisine. Machbūs, a meal consisting of rice, meat, and vegetables, is the national dish in Qatar. Seafood and dates are staple food items in the country. Many of these dishes are also used in other countries in the region, because they share many commonalities. So after more research I found the perfect place!

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P = Philippines

Filipino Food - Inay’s Kitchen Restaurant

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