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In the 1940's 40% of food in the US was grown in backyard gardens called Victory Gardens. Growing and producing our own food for our community unites us and makes us stronger, happier & healthier. If my neighbor has happy laying chickens and has more eggs than she/he needs, wouldn't it make sense for me to buy those eggs instead of driving to the store and buying someone else's eggs? What about if my neighbor made choke cherry jam from her/his tree and had lots to sell. Wouldn't it be great if you could walk across the street and buy this wonderful, chemical & pesticide-free product that your neighbor made with care and love?

This purpose of this Meetup is to identify growers and producers of local food and those interested in buying healthy local food in the community.

We also want to drive growers, producers and consumers of local food to the LocalFood CS, a new mobile app (available for both iPhone & Android) to download the app and if you have product to sell, go to the Got Food? button and let us know. We will get you and your product into the app for FREE.

Together we can rebuild a healthy really local food economy. It begin here. It begins now.

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Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum

Come by the LocalFood CS Table at UCCS Sustainovate!

UCCS Berger Hall

Sustainability around Food Supply & More? Let's meetup

The Wild Goose Meeting House

Let's meet at the A to Z Organic Vegetable Gardening Class!

Horace Mann Middle School

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