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Foodie US
Foodie US
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Every week on Thursday

Needs a location


Wanna learn to code and change the world?
How about doing that while baking cookies?

Yeah welcome to another delicious event presented by Foodie
This time with us, you will enjoy

1h of learning to bake cookies
1h of learning to code, eating cookies
(Bring your own laptop)

Sounds sweet?


And to say hi to each other, we will play a game -


First everyone write down the real you and the ideal you, and then introduce yourself

Everyone can ask anyone any questions, trying to find out what’s real and what’s ideal

At the end of the event, we will have two winners, “Yeah I can guess” and “Yeah I can dream”

Get ready to get lost in strangers' eyes



To make the event happen, it requires at least

1 host
(who says hi to everyone, offers venues, sets the amount of money to share the cost of ingredients, and collects payments)

1 coach
(who offers a coding guide for beginners)

1 chef
(who teaches you how to bake cookies)

N Guests
(Number depends on the venue)

Please choose your role when signing up. You can be the host, coach and chef at the same time if you are just that awesome.


Free For everyone

All guests pay only for ingredients
(It's free should you BYO ingredients)
Host serves you for free
Coach / Chef teaches for free
Fun times for EVERYBODY


Sign up now

Everyone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.
Events will be canceled automatically if no hosts / coaches / chefs / guests sign up.


To attend / create more events, go to

Foodie WeChat group
Add @LiveADeliciousLife

Foodie Facebook page


Have a delicious time at a surprisingly low price!


To have a new place you call home wherever you go
Invite yourself to delicious events in the neighborhoods around the globe

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