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World's Best Fish and Shrimp Tacos! Ricky's! Silverlake

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2/21/13: Just read Ricky's was forced to close today. So it is unlikely that he will get approval to reopen by this Sunday. So, I'm gonna cancel this event, but if he does reopen before Sunday, I'll un-cancel this event.

Ricky's Fish Tacos (RFT) is a Taco Stand and it has 4.5 star Yelp reviews, Click Here ( To Read Them. Ricky makes these tacos to order, so everything is FRESH! Not some soggy mess sitting under heat lamps for a long time getting soggy or oily. At $2.75/taco I figure I get one shrimp and one fish taco for a nice $6 lunch on what Yelpers describe as simply the best fish tacos! These are full size tacos, not the dollar size mini tacos that most taco trucks sell. How in the hell can we go wrong??? Yeah, I know you might be recovering from a hangover from too much booze, so be it... but I'm not going to restrict the numbers so maybe, we'll jam it up for Ricky. There's no restriction as to the number of members who can attend this event, so if by chance there's a huge number of sign ups, you might want to get here a little early or late so that there's not a big line up. If you arrive late, no biggie, I'm sure lots of us will still be there.

If you haven't been here, you've been missing out! He also sells some delicious aqua frescas that he makes fresh each day.

Let's jam it up! Ricky's Fish Tacos are my favorite fish tacos on the planet... bar none...

Parking can be tough if you arrive late as there is sure to be lots of us here on time. It is close (about 3 blocks) to the Metro Red Line Vermont/Sunset Station and across the street from Vons. I'll check with Ricky if we can byob some beers when I get there and if so, a nice cerveza would be mighty nice with a couple tacos.

Sorry for the short notice, but once I decided to go here, I decided I cannot wait the usual 3-9 weeks advance scheduling that I usually plan for. If you are in the neighborhood and have never been here before, just stop in and try them on your own. There's also tables and chairs and Ricky is the friendliest person on the planet, so I am happy to promote his great food.

FYI: If you have a bicycle that needs some repairs, there's a place a couple blocks away called Bicycle Kitchen, a bike co-op for people to DIY fix/repair their bikes. I occasionally volunteer there and plan to volunteer there after lunch on this day. They have all the professional tools for any repair and tons of used parts at cheapo prices. You could even take on a project bike and build a bike from scratch. So, if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and want to fix up your bike cheap, this is the place. You should call them in advance to reserve a stand as weekends, they get booked up so you do need to do a little advanced planning if you decide to bring your bike there. They request a $7/hr donation but no one is refused for lack of funds. Sunday hours are from 2-6pm.